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How to Handle Medical Emergencies in Hotel

Previously we have shared a step by step tutorial on how to handle emergency situations in hotel. In our today’s free hotel management training tutorial, we will share how to handle medical emergencies like guest’s sickness, death etc. The hotel emergency team members are responsible to lead in a medical emergency situation and should remain calm and in control of the situation. The hotel emergency team members consist of the Assistant Manager, Security Team Leaders or Managers, Front Office Manager, Director of Rooms, Manager on Duty and the General Manager.

A health emergency is defined as any situation which jeopardizes an individual’s well being and /or threats to his / her life (Cardiac / Respiratory Arrest, Unconscious Individual or any Conscious Person in Acute Distress).

In the event of emergencies involving guests, visitors, or employees injured at Hotel, take the following steps:

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Any Employees – When Guests feel Sick

  1. Call the Operator or Assistant Manager – Front Office and describe the Circumstances regarding the emergency. Clearly mention the room number or specific location of the scene.
  2. Stay with the guest till the arrival of the Assistant Manager – Front Office and Security. Supply more information to the Assistant Manager – Front Office.

Role of Operator

  1. Take down the caller’s name, room number or location of the scene, type of sickness or injury and inform the Assistant Manager – Front Office immediately.
  2. Inform Security in Charge to rush to the scene.
  3. Have the ‘Foreign Language Speaking List’ ready.
  4. Upon receiving instructions from the Assistant Manager – Front Office, Contact Foreign Language Speaking employee to go to the scene for assistance.
  5. Wait for other instructions.

Role of Assistant Manager – Front Office

  1. If being the first who received the call, inform Operator to contact Security and rush to the scene.
  2. Together with Security, assess the situation if:

– Foreign language speaking assistance is needed and call the Operator to assist

– If ambulance is needed, instruct Security to call Emergency assistance ‘120’

  1. Inform Front Office Manager, Director of Rooms and General Manager.
  2. Inform Director of Human Resources if the casualty is an employee.
  3. Assist the Medical Team by providing necessary information as needed. In the event of a light illness, offer common medicines, e.g., Tylenol for light fever or flu is readily available when required by in-house guests. Local hospital or international clinic are also available should a guest require further medical treatment.
  4. In-house guests based on their request can be directed to these medical institutions accordingly.

Role of Security in Charge

  1. Rush to the scene and meet with the Assistant Manager – Front Office.
  2. When Emergency Unit assistance is needed:

– Determine the access route for ambulance.

– Call Emergency assistance ‘XXX’.

– Coordinate a Security Officer to receive the ambulance.

– Ensure a Security to guide the medical team to the scene.

In the event the guest died prior to the arrival of the Medical Team

  1. Wait for the arrival of the Medical Team.
  2. Do not move the victim or anything at the scene.
  3. Upon confirmation of death by the Medical Team, call the Police.
  4. Security in Charge to seal the room and wait for further instructions from local Police.

Local Hospital

protocol-hotel-guest-dies-roomA guest should be taken to the nearest local hospital that should be within 10-30 minutes car distance from the Hotel. It should be opened 24 hours daily. However, a hotel staff is advised to accompany the foreign guest to the hospital mainly to lead the way and also to avoid potential delay due to language barrier between the hotel guests and the hospitals personnel.

Points to be Noted

  • In a serious medical emergency, the Manager on Duty acting as the leader of the medical emergency team, together with the Security Supervisor must be immediately present to access the situation.
  • The DM will attempt to stabilize the victim with the assistance of the Security Supervisor/Manager while the ambulance is being summoned.
  • Wheelchair will be placed on standby if required, and the Security Supervisor/Manager will arrange for an elevator to carry out the evacuation. Also, the ambulance will be directed to arrive either via the Employee Entrance or the North Entrance at the lobby level.
  • The DM will contact and report the situation to the DOR & RM immediately. In the absence of the DOR, the FOM must be informed accordingly
  • All medical emergencies must be logged onto the AM log accordingly.
  • The following information must be obtained post emergency:

– Name of the hospital where guest is admitted;

– Ward number / how to contact the guest in the hospital thereafter;

  • Find out if the guest provides other number as “In case of emergency” while filling the registration card or if the guest came through any travel agency then talk to them for any other contact number.

– Find out how to inform the family members or local company representative in the event when the guest is staying alone

– Talk to family member or others and properly inform the situation.

-Payment method while staying in the hospital must be obtained from guest or the person who booked his or her room.

  • AM must then follow up daily on the guest recovery progress and report back to DOR/GM.

If Guest Dies before the Medical Team Arrives

  • Hotel staff should wait for the medical team to come and investigate.
  • Don’t touch the victim before medical team arrives.
  • Don’t touch anything in the room.
  • If medical team confirms the death then call the police immediately.
  • The room has to be sealed immediately.
  • Restrict hotel staff’s or other guest’s movement.
  • Cooperate police with proper information.
  • Don’t sell or use the room until proper authority releases it back.
  • After getting control of the room, clean and disinfect the room thoroughly.


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