Uniform Control Procedure in Hotel

A clean and complete uniform of a hotel and restaurant staff in good repair, will be provided at the start of each shift for team members who are required to wear uniform while on duty according to the job position and/or the area of work. To obtain a clean uniform, a dirty uniform must first have been returned to the linen room.

Objective of this Hotel Housekeeping SOP

To make sure that:

  • Every uniformed team member is properly attired in a presentable uniform.
  • Uniform issue and receipt is controlled to eliminate/minimize uniform loss.
  • Users of damaged uniforms can be identified – for damage caused by negligency, carelessness or intentional abuse, coach/discipline accordingly.

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A clean uniform is issued when the dirty one has been returned to the uniform room. Uniforms must be signed out and signed back in by both the uniform room attendant and the team member. Uniforms will be changed as often as necessary. The Uniform Supervisor and/or the Executive/Assistant Housekeeper will monitor the frequency of uniform change.

Unless there is a temporary shortage, each team member will have 2 sets of uniforms marked for their sole use during their employment. Team members are responsible for ensuring that their uniform is in good condition and if not, to initiate necessary repairs or eventual replacement through the uniform room.

Uniform Control Procedure in Hotel or Resort

(A) Uniform Room

  1. The Uniform Room is open from 7.00 AM to 23.00 PM daily. All uniforms in the Uniform Room are placed on hangers and stored according to department. Storage must be arranged to avoid crushing and creasing of uniforms.
  2. Uniform PAR levels. Uniform Room will set agreed uniform PAR levels for each uniform type, taking into account the following.
  • Severity of usage, e.g., engineering
  • Speed of laundry turnaround
  • Wear-ability of fabric
  • Delivery time of replacements

Uniform Room conducts stock take on monthly basis according to uniform type and sizes. Thereafter, Purchase Requisition is initiated when stocks fall below minimum PAR levels.

  1. New uniformed employees. Human Resources will issue a Uniform Requisition Form for each new employee who needs uniform. The Uniform Requisition Form will include the following information.
  • Date
  • Employee name
  • Employee number
  • Employee’s department
  • Employee’s position
  • Employee Status (e.g. permanent, daily worker, etc)

The new employee will hand the Uniform Requisition Form over to the Uniform Room on his/her first day in order to receive uniform. The Uniform Room Supervisor will issue a Uniform Control Cardex, which includes the following information.

  • Date of Uniform Issue
  • Employee name
  • Employee number
  • Employee’s department
  • Employee’s position
  • Type of Uniform
  • Uniform Number: Based on the conveyor number and recorded in the Uniform Control Form, to list all uniforms by number and department. Personalized uniforms will be marked with the uniform number upon issue to the employee. Employee’s name should never be marked on a uniform.
  • Under CHANGES section, details of the uniform to be issued. E.g. Description and size of each of piece of the uniform such as pants, shirts, skirts, blouses, coats, aprons, etc.
  • Under SPECIAL REMARKS section on the reverse side, future updates on uniform loss, misuse, damage, and reason for uniform replacement.
  • “Terms and Conditions” that the employee is held responsible for loss and/or damage of uniforms due to negligence.

The employee will sign the Uniform Control Cardex to accept his/her responsibility for negligence and to acknowledge receipt of the uniform issued. Thereafter, the Uniform Room Supervisor will keep the Uniform Control Cardex and update it for any uniform loss/misuse/damage.

  1. For each exchange of uniform (dirty for clean), the Uniform Room Attendant records the Staff Number and countersigns on Uniform Exchange Control Form. Issue of clean uniform will be contingent on receipt of a dirty uniform.

For each dirty uniform returned, the Uniform Room Attendant checks for damages/stains and record such information into the Uniform Control Cardex. If any repairs/special cleaning is required, the Uniform Room Attendant makes a note on the Uniform Exchange Control Form, sends the item for further processing, before forwarding it to the Laundry after repairs.

  1. Uniformed employees are held responsible for loss or damaged uniforms due to negligence. However, this should be made clear to each employee when they are issued the uniforms. Replacement uniforms will follow the same procedure as upon issue.
  2. When an employee resigns, he/she will turn in his/her uniforms to the Uniform Room. The Uniform Room Supervisor completes the Uniform Returned On Termination Form, attaches the employee’s Uniform Control Cardex, and submits the 2 forms to the Executive Housekeeper for signature. Both forms once signed will be given to Personnel Department for clearance purposes so that the departing employee can receive his/her final cheque.

(B) Laundry

  1. In order to monitor discrepancies between soiled uniforms turned into the Laundry and clean ones received by staff, and whether staff are exchanging uniforms as per schedule, the Uniform Exchange Control Form is implemented.
  2. The Uniform Room Attendant handles the uniform checks, recording and processing of each uniform exchange (dirty for clean). He/she consolidates the dirty uniforms to be sent to the Laundry.
  3. When dirty uniforms are sent to the Laundry, a count takes place (Total Column) and on return of the washed, dry and cleaned uniforms from the Laundry, the Staff Number is crossed-off the Uniform Exchange Control Form. Any discrepancies can easily be spotted from this form and clarified.
  4. The laundry staff then processes the uniform according to priority, e.g. uniforms in short supply first.

(C) Permanent Full-Time Uniformed Staff

  1. New employees will hand the Uniform Request form over to the Uniform Room on their first day in order to receive uniform.
  2. At end of shift, return their dirty uniform in order to get a clean uniform at start of next shift.
  3. Sign the Uniform Log/Record at each exchange.
  4. Never take uniform home.
  5. Never leave dirty uniform in locker room or on counter, make sure it is handed over and signed off. Failure to do this will result in uniform costs being taken out of salary.
  6. Take care of their uniform, reporting damage or stains at uniform exchange.

(D) Temporary Full-Time Uniformed Staff (Daily Workers)

  1. Uniform request form to be issued and approved by Human Resources one day in advance (2 days in advance if more than 10 workers).
  2. Daily Workers should collect their Uniform Request form from HR on their first day and take to Uniform Room in order to receive uniform.
  3. At start of shift, collect uniform from Uniform Room (uniforms for daily workers should not belong to any full time team members).
  4. At end of shift, return the uniform in good condition to the uniform room.
  5. Sign the Uniform Log/Record at each exchange.

(E) F&B Casuals

  1. The Banquet or Outlet Manager will notify the Executive Housekeeper of all large functions and the number of staff to be issued uniforms via the “F&B Casual Uniform Request” form. A list of extra staff will have to be submitted at least one day in advance to the Uniform Room for preparation of the uniforms prior to the time of function.
  2. Linen Room to prepare uniforms on hanging rack 2 hours prior to time requested.
  3. The requesting manager will sign for the uniforms and take the rack to the Banquet/Outlet Supervisor(s) for distribution to the casuals.
  4. All part-time employees will go to the Banquet/Outlet Supervisor to receive and sign for their respective uniforms. They have to leave their ID Card in exchange for the uniform issued.
  5. At the end of shift/function, all part-time employees must return their uniform to the Banquet Supervisor, and the ID Card will be returned to them. If Uniforms have not been returned, neither the part-time employee’s ID Card nor his/her pay-cheque shall be given to him/her.
  6. The requesting manager will be responsible for collecting and consolidating all uniforms at end of shift for returning to the Linen Room.
  7. The Linen Room team should count back the uniform with the requesting manager and sign their return.
  8. Should the Uniform Room close before the function starts or ends, uniforms will be handed over to the Headwaiter/Banquet Supervisor (in- charge of function) who will be responsible for the distribution and collection.

(F) All Uniformed Staff

  1. The uniform must be worn in full and according to the grooming standards. This serves the following purposes.
  • To identify which department team members are working.
  • For staffs to appear more attractive and well groomed.
  • To create better image and standard of hotel towards the guest
  1. Team member must be signed the uniform on the received of a uniform in the uniform room and check that is in good uniform.

(G) Security

  1. Make sure all team members not to bring uniform from home.
  2. Sign appropriate section team member clearance form if all uniforms are returned.


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