Hotel Front Office English Dialogues

Dear readers, you have already noticed that we are publishing few real life hotel conversations. In that process, today, we have shared few real life hotel front office conversations. If you are new in this industry or a hotel or restaurant management student who wants to have a decent career in hospitality field, then you should carefully observe each situation and try to understand how hotel staffs handle their guests with utmost professionalism.

Hotel Front Office Dialogue – Filling the registration card

Receptionist: Good afternoon, Sir. How can I help you?

Guest: I have a reservation for a suite room for three nights.

Receptionist: May I have your name, Sir?

Guest: I am Glen Rockwell from Australia.

Receptionist: Yes sir. We have your details. You are Mr. Glen Rockwell of ABM Corporation from Australia. Welcome to XYZ Hotel. You booked a suite room for 3 nights from 12th December. Am I right sir?

Guest: Yes. Absolutely.

Receptionist: So, here is the registration card, but you don’t need to fill up everything. We will do that for you. Could you please sign here at the bottom?

Guest: Sure. Why not? Is that all I need to do? Or there are more formalities?

Receptionist: Well, Sir. we will need your passport. We will photocopy first few pages of your passport and return you right now. I hope you would not mind.

Guest: Not at all. Here it is.

Receptionist: Thank you very much, Sir. Your room number is 938. It is on 9th floor. The porter will take your luggage and show you the way. By the way, how would you like to pay, Sir?

Guest: Don’t you accept card?

Receptionist: Sure. We accept all valid international major credit cards.

Guest: That’s good. I would like to pay by card. I use VISA.

Receptionist: That’s great sir. May I have an impression of your card, Sir?

Guest: Sure. Here is the card.

Receptionist: Thank you so much, Sir. Wish you will enjoy staying with us.

Receptionist: I do hope so. Thanks. Bye.

Guest: See you later, bye.

Hotel Front Office Conversation- Mistakes in the Reservation

Guest: Hello! I am Donald Mcgill.

Receptionist: Good evening Mr. Mcgil. How can I help you?

Guest: Well, I have got a reservation for a junior suite.

Receptionist: Just a second sir. Let me check. I am sorry Mr. Mcgil, we don’t have any record of your reservation today. Do you have any confirmation?

Guest: Certainly. Here it is.

Receptionist: Oh I see. Just a minute sir …. … Well, sir, we do apologize for the inconveniences. I found your reservation from tomorrow in our record. Indeed, it is our fault. Unfortunately, we are fully booked for tonight. But don’t worry sir. We will find a suite room in another hotel right now.

Guest: That’s unexpected.

Receptionist: I apologize sir.

Guest: Will it take long?

Receptionist: Make yourself comfortable, Sir. I will be right with you. (After few minutes) We book the deluxe suite in Hyatt Regency for tonight. Our chauffeur will take you there and we will pick you up tomorrow whenever you like. We do apologize for the inconvenience again. Have a nice time, Sir.

Guest: Thanks for everything. Tomorrow afternoon, I will give a call to pick me up then, OK?

Welcoming a walk-in Guest

Receptionist: Good morning. How may I help you, sir?

Guest: Umm..actually my wife and I want to have a room for two nights.

Receptionist: A double room or a suite room?

Guest: Actually I am not comfortable with these hotel terms like suite room. What is suite room?

Receptionist: No problem sir. Let me explain. A suite room have an extra seating room along with the bed room and also you have a small kitchenette.

Guest: OK that sounds exciting but I guess more expensive than double room. Double room will be perfect for us.

Receptionist: Sure sir. So you want a double room with a bath or shower?

Guest: With a bath, please.

Receptionist: OK then a double room with a bath will be US $75 per night with complimentary breakfast in our Morning Shine Restaurant.

Guest: That’s fine.

Receptionist: Would you please fill up this form and sign here in the bottom?

Guest: (After filling up the form and signing) Is it ok?

Receptionist: (After carefully inspecting the form) It’s perfect, Sir. How would you like to pay?

Guest: By cash. Do you need any advance?

Receptionist: Well, sir, that will be fine.

Guest: Here is US $100.

Receptionist: Thank you very much, Sir. Here is the key for your room. It is 344 on the third floor. The porter will help you with the luggage. Have a nice stay.

Guest: Thanks.

Business Center Service

hotel front office dialogue conversationReceptionist: Good afternoon. Reception. Can I help you?

Guest: Good afternoon. I am George Neil from room 901. Could you tell me from where I can check my emails and also send some postcards to my friends?

Receptionist: Well, we have the business center, remains open 24 hours for our guests. Moreover, if you wish you could rent a laptop on hourly basis for your personal use. It costs only US $5 per 2 hours.

Guest: And what about sending some postcard to my country, New Zealand?

Receptionist: If your postcards are ready by 6.00 in the evening we can deliver them to the nearest post office for sending. Should we send a laptop to your room?

Guest: No, in fact it is not required at the moment. I will better come down to the business centre, it is nice way to meet some people and also get assistance if required. And yes, I can handover the postcards to you so that you can send them today. Thanks for the information.

Receptionist: You are most welcome, Sir. We are always at your service.

For Doctor or Nurse

Guest: Hello, reception?

Receptionist: Good afternoon. Reception. How may I help you?

Guest: This is Anu Sing from 303. We have a serious problem. Is there any doctor in the hotel now?

Receptionist: I am afraid not. But we can call one quickly in an emergency. Aren’t you feeling well?

Guest: Actually its not me. It’s my Wife Hena Sing. She has very bad pain in her chest.

Receptionist: I will call the doctor at once. Can you tell about any other symptoms?

Guest: Yes, her breathing is weak and she doesn’t seem to have a temperature. It looks as if she’s had a heart attack.

Receptionist: I am sending the nurse right now and calling the doctor immediately. I will ask the ambulance to be ready also. I will call you back as soon as I know what doctor suggests.

Guest: Hurry up, please. It is an emergency.

Receptionist: I can understand sir.

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