Hotel Housekeeping Conversation: English Dialogue

In our previous tutorial on real life hotel and restaurant English dialogue series, we have shared some Food and Beverage Service English conversations between captain or head waiter or waitress and guests. Today, in this tutorial you will get 8 real life housekeeping dialogues or conversations that will help you to understand how things are done in real life.

Hotel Housekeeping Conversation – Room Checking

hotel housekeeping english dialogue conversation(Housekeeping supervisor checks different room status and knocks on guest’s room)

Supervisor: Good afternoon. Sorry to disturb you. I am housekeeping supervisor. I am just checking.

Guest: Why do you check?

Supervisor: We just check whether everything is all right or not. It is a routine inspection.

Guest: I see. What time is it?

Supervisor: It’s four-thirty. Do you like your room cleaned?

Guest: No, not really.

Supervisor: Would you like to receive any sorts of service?

Guest: No, thank you.

Supervisor: Sorry to trouble you, sir.

Guest: It’s all right. Goodbye.

Supervisor: Have a nice stay, Sir. Goodbye.

Hotel Housekeeping Dialogue – Room Cleaning

Room Maid: Good morning, Madam.

Guest: Good morning. Are you from housekeeping.

Room Maid: Yes. How can I help you?

Guest: Well, it seems that you are going to service our room.

Room Maid: Yes, Madam, that’s right. I am going to service your room next.

Guest: Could you do it bit later, say after an hour or so? My son is still sleeping. I don’t want to wake him up right now.

Room Maid: Sure, as you like, Madam. Just put the DND (Do Not Disturb) sign on the door.

Guest: That’s fine. I will put it on right now. Thanks.

Room Maid: You are welcome madam. Have a nice day.

Hotel Housekeeping Conversation – Taking Room Service

Room Service: Good evening, room service. May I help you?

Guest: Yes, we like to have our dinner in the room.

Room Service: Sure sir. What do you like to have?

Guest: We are not very sure. There is no menu in our room.

Room Service: We are extremely sorry sir. Please pardon us. We will send a menu right now to your room. Sir, our record says, you are Mr. Sunil Kumar from room number 108. Am I right sir.

Guest: Oh that’s fantastic. You are right. I am Sunil from room no 108.

Room Service: Ok Mr. Sunil. I am sending a (Room Attendant) with the menu right now. You may give the order to him, no problem.

Guest: Oh. That will be great. Thank you.

Room Service: You are welcome Mr. Sunil.

Hotel Housekeeping Dialogue – When Guest is Sick

(Scene: A staff receives the phone from housekeeping department)

Staff: Hello, Housekeeping. May I help you?

Guest: Yes please. Do you have any doctor in the hotel right now?

Staff: Sorry sir. I am afraid not. May I know what the problem is?

Guest: Well, I feel feverish. I have a bit high temperature and severe headache.

Staff: Don’t worry sir. I am sending the hotel nurse right now. In the mean time I will call for the doctor. According to our record you are Mr. Allen Smith from room no 312. Am I right, sir?

Guest: Yes, you are correct.

Staff: All right Mr. Smith. The nurse will be right away to your room.

Guest: OK. Thanks.

Hotel Housekeeping Conversation – Asking for Special Service

Staff: Good afternoon. Housekeeping. May I help you?hotel housekeeping dialogue special service birthday

Guest: Yes, I am John William from 403. Do you know who can provide me special service for tonight?

Staff: OK, Mr. William. What type of special service do you require?

Guest: Well, first of all I need to ask for a limousine to pick up my fiance from the heathrow airport this evening and a huge bouquet of flowers for her birthday. I need to check whether some one can also bring the birthday cake for me from the Harrods.

Staff: Ok sir, it will be our pleasure to offer special services to our valued guests like you. Would you please tell us when we need to pick madam up from heathrow? I mean, what time do you need the limousine?

Guest: She is coming here at 7.15 PM with AC877 from Toronto. So, keep the limousine ready for me by 6.45 PM.

Staff: We will ensure you the time and will inform you the chauffeur’s name in few minutes, Mr. William. What about the flower bouquet? Do you have any fascination for any particular flower?

Guest: Not at all. But it must be good combination and look fresh and big in size.

Staff: Ok, don’t worry about it. And last but not least, what’s the time for the delivery of the cake from Harrods, sir?

Guest: Any time after 7.15 PM. Just you have to ensure that everything will be ready in my room before she arrives.

Staff: Sure, I can understand sir. You will be delighted with the arrangements. The hotel will provide some complimentary gifts for her as well. We always offer service to our guests to their complete satisfaction.

Guest: Umm….I hope so. Thanks.

Staff: You are Welcome, Mr. William.

Hotel Housekeeping Dialogue – For Dry Cleaning and Laundry

Staff: This is housekeeping. May I help you?

Guest: I have some used cloths to be laundered. Can you send anyone to collect them?

Staff: OK sir. I understand. But actually you supposed to call the laundry for this. Their number is 99. But don’t worry. I can help you.

Guest: That’s so nice of you. What will I need to do?

Staff: You just fill the laundry form. The form must be on the table. Also you will find the form in the wardrobe.

Guest: I found the prices are a bit high than other places.

Staff: We try to maintain the highest quality of laundry and dry cleaning of our guests’ clothes.

Guest: I understand. How early can you deliver the clothes after washing and ironing?

Staff: We always deliver by 24 hours. You are from room no 231. Right?

Guest: Yes and I am Penny Johnson.

Staff: I am passing the message to laundry so that someone can collect the clothes from your room. Ok Ms Johnson?

Guest: Thanks again for you help.

Staff: Not at all. We are always at your service Madam.

Hotel Housekeeping Conversation – For Dealing with Complaints

Staff: Good afternoon, Housekeeping. May I help you?

Guest: Yes, but I don’t know in how many ways!

Staff: Sorry sir. I don’t get it. Is that everything all right?

Guest: Everything? … All right? My foot….nothing is right! You get that hello…nothing is right. I really don’t understand what the hell you guys are doing here.

Staff: I am extremely sorry sir for the inconvenience. Please tell me exactly what happened?

Guest: You are asking for what problem. There are so many problems here … the room is not clean, carpets are filthy, toilet papers are creeped around the bathroom and the bed is not made. Last but not least even the waste basket is full of cans. This is unbelievable. Oh my God….

Staff: It seems strange to me, too. Hold on a second sir. Just tell me your name and room number.

Guest: Barry from room 303. Just send someone right now and check whether I am saying anything wrong or not.

Staff: No no sir. You are absolutely correct Mr. Barry. We are terribly sorry for the mistake. Actually the mistake is ours. Room no 303 hasn’t been ready for sale. I guess you have given wrong key. It must be 302. I am checking with reservation and in the meantime sending the room boy right now to change your room immediately. We really beg your pardon.

Guest: OK. Now it makes sense. I stay here frequently and haven’t seen anything before. Now I can understand the issue. Anyway just send someone immediately. I can’t stay here anymore.

Staff: Don’t worry at all. Room boy is already on his way. I am checking with reservation and call you within few minutes and fix the issue.

Guest: Thanks anyway.

Staff: You are welcome sir and thanks for your patience.

Hotel Housekeeping Conversation – For kits for guest without luggage

Reception: Good morning. Reception. May I help you?

Guest: Yes. We are from room 205. We just lost our luggage. We think our luggage went to Paris instead of London. We will never fly with Air France.

Reception: We feel sorry for that. I guess you would need kits right now. Right?

Guest: Yes. You are right. We need one for man and another for woman.

Reception: Hold on a second sir. I am transferring your call to housekeeping.

Guest: Thanks a lot. I am waiting.

(Now receptionist transfers call to housekeeping department.)

Staff: Housekeeping. How may I help you?

Guest: OK. We lost our luggage and want to have two kits, if you have.

Staff: Certainly, sir. May I have your room number, please?

Guest: Yes, we are in room 205. I am Samuel.

Staff: Yes, Mr. Samuel, I am sending 2 kits for you in few minutes.

Guest: May I know what do you have in kits for man and woman separately?

Staff: Well, Mr. Samuel, in the kits for man there are deodorant, a toothbrush, toothpaste, a razor, small aftershave, shampoo, a comb, underwear and socks. For the kits for woman there are deodorant, a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, a hairspray, a brush, a comb, sanitary napkins, panties and tights.

Guest: That’s okay for the time being. How much does each kit costs?

Staff: They are in equal price, sir. Each costs $ 95.

Guest: OK no problem. Send one each then and put the bill in reception for final adjustment.

Staff: All right sir. Enjoy staying with us.

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