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Waiter and Guest English Dialogue

Dear all, you may know that so far we have published few real life hotel dialogues or conversations in our previous tutorials. Today we are going to share some food and beverage service related conversations based on real life situations. Hope you will find this very helpful.

Dialogue: For Taking Order for Breakfast

Waiter: Good morning sir. May I take your order for breakfast?

Guest: Yes, do you serve English style breakfast?

Waiter: Yes, sir. We do. Which juice do you like to start with, sir, pineapple or grape fruit?

Guest: Pineapple, please. Fresh, of course.

Waiter: Fresh pineapple juice, OK. How would you like your eggs,sir?

Guest: Scrambled.

Waiter: Do you like porridge or corn flakes?

Guest: Corn flakes.

Waiter: Do you like bread or toast?

Guest: Toast with honey and marmalade.

Waiter: Do you like tea, coffee or milk?

Guest: None, but do you have hot chocolate?

Waiter: Of course we have sir. What do you prefer Horlicks or Ovaltine?

Guest: Horlicks, please.

Waiter: So, sir, your order is – fresh pineapple juice, two scrambled eggs, cornflakes, toast with honey and marmalade and Horlicks.

Guest: That’s right. How early can you serve?

Waiter: In 5 minutes, sir. Do you care for a local newspaper?

Guest: Oh, Sure. Thanks.

Waiter: You’re welcome, sir.

Conversation: For Order Drinks

Guest: Hi, I would like to order some drinks. Let me have your wine list.

Waiter: Sure sir. Here is our wine list, sir.

Guest-1: How about a whisky before we have launch?

Guest-2: No, not for me. It’s mid-day, I would love to have a campari, with lots of soda water and ice.

Guest-1: That’s fantastic idea. Why don’t you have compari and soda water, John?

Guest-3: No, I would rather have a beer. A bottle of cold lager will be fine.

Guest-1: OK, waiter, a campari with soda and water and ice, a cold bottle of lager and a scotch on the rocks for me.

Waiter: All right, sir. I will be right back with your orders within 5 minutes.

Guest: Ok. Thanks.

Waiter: You are welcome, sir.

Dialogue: Guests are ready to order main course for dinners

Man: I would like to have sole meuniere. What about you, John.

Boy: My favorite escalope of veal. What do you like to have mom?

Woman: I prefer roasted ducklings with orange sauce.

Man: (To waiter) Do you get our order then?

Waiter: Yes sir. Sole meuniere for you, escalope veal for your son and for madam, roasted ducklings with orange sauce. Is it right?

Conversation: When waiter suggests main course

Waiter: Are you ready for the main course, Madam?

Guest: Yes, but I am still looking at the menu. Tell me what would you recommend for the main course?

Waiter: Why don’t you try Beef Chasseur? It’s very good.

Guest: Well, I am afraid. I am not willing to have beef right now.

Waiter: No problem Ma’am. What about Noisettes Milanese?

Guest: Sorry I don’t get it. What exactly is this Noisettes Milanese?

Waiter: That’s lamb cooked with herbs and served with spaghetti.

Guest: Hmm. That’s sound interesting. I will like to try it then.

Waiter: Very good, Madam. And what about vegetables?

Guest: Umm…Green peas and potatoes.

Waiter: Anything for drink, Madam?

Guest: A glass of rose.

Waiter: All right, Ma’aam. I will be with your meal in few minutes.

Dialogue: Ordering Today’s Special (Plat Du Jour)

Waiter: What about main course, sir?

Guest: Well, I could not decide. What do you suggest?

Waiter: Our today’s special is very good. Hotchpotch with beef along with green salad and pickles. It’s very popular during rainy days like today.

Guest: It sounds different. OK, I will try it.

Waiter: Any drink?

Guest: Just a soda, please.

Waiter: All right. I will serve you right now, sir.

Conversation: For offering dessert

Waiter: How is the food, sir?

Guest: Fine, thanks.

Waiter: Would you care for dessert now, sir?

Guest: Oh, yes. Could you mind bringing the dessert trolley here?

Waiter: Not at all, sir. I am bringing it right now. (The waiter brings the dessert trolley)

Here you are, sir.

Guest: Could you explain what’s on the top?

Waiter: Yes, sir. This on the right is Black Forest Cake, on the left Diplomat Pudding, in the middle Pineapple Tart and here in the corner Cream Caramel. Besides we have ice cream of different flavor and fruit cocktail.

Guest: I think I can try Black Forest Cake and little ice cream.

Waiter: That will be very nice, sir.

Dialogue: For taking order on the phone

Waiter: Good afternoon. XYZ restaurant. May I help you?

Guest: Yes, can I give order before we arrive for a dinner tonight.

Waiter: Sure, Sir. You may order earlier and it also enables us to provide certain items perfectly.

Guest: That’s nice. We are just 4 persons and we will arrive at 8.30 this evening. We like to have shrimp cocktail, Russian salad, grilled pomfrets, roasted chicken and cream caramel.

Waiter: Just a minute, sir. Let me confirm your orders- shrimp cocktail, Russian salad, grilled pomfrets, roasted chicken and cream caramel, all for 4 persons.

Guest: That’s correct.

Waiter: May I have your name and address, sir?

Guest: I am XYZ from room 348.

Waiter: That’s fine, Mr XYZ. We will keep the table ready sharp at 8.30 this evening. Hope you will enjoy the dinner.

Guest: Thanks. Good-bye.

Waiter: You are always welcome.

Conversation: For collecting guest bills

Waiter: Have you enjoyed the meal, Sir?

Guest: Yes, I have. Thanks.

Waiter: How is the service and ambience of us?

Guest: That’s fine. Thanks very much.

Waiter: Do you like to have anything else, Sir?

Guest: Not at all. I have had enough. Could you bring the bill now?

Waiter: Sure, Sir. (After few minutes)….Here you are, Sir.

Guest: That’s fine. Do you accept Master Card?

Waiter: With pleasure, Sir. We accept all Master Card?

Guest: Here is my card.

Waiter: Thanks sir…. (After a minute)Here is your card, Sir. Could you please sign here? … Thanks.

Guest: Keep this for you. It is nice having my meal here. I have really enjoyed your meal and service.

Waiter: You are always welcome. Hope to see you again, Sir.

Guest: See you then, Good-bye.

Waiter: Good-bye, Sir.

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