Hotel Guest Preference Procedure

In order to provide best possible service to all of our valuable guests proper maintenance of guest preference is highly essential.


To create a memorable experience for our guests through personalized service by anticipating their needs, likes and dislikes through a process of knowing and collecting their preferences.

Process: It is a 2-part process:

  1. Collection of Guest Preferences
  2. Execution of the Preferences

1) Collection of Guest Preferences:

  • Guest History Manager (GHM) champions and drives this process.
  • Staff are to notice and record guests’ preferences on the Guest Preference Pads.
  • GHM collects all departments’ Guest Preference Pads and ensure the data are keyed into the system.
  • GHM shares month end data to recognize and celebrate efforts by departments and individuals.
  • GHM interviews top departments and individuals’ “secrets” in getting the high quality guests’ preferences.
  • GHM communicates and shares the “secrets” – best practices.
  • GHM shares guests’ feedback on how they felt when we anticipate and recognize their needs.
  • Department managers energize and communicate with all staff to strive to be “top quality collectors”.

Methods for Getting Preferences:

Staff are to use both listening and observation skills in noting guests’ preferences. Examples would be:

  • Staff through conversing with guest learns that guest is a vegetarian.
  • Staff notices that guest is left handed while signing documents.

2) Execution of Preferences

  • GHM prints daily Arrival Reports with Remarks, picking up the preferences of guests in Remarks field.
  • GHM ensures the guest’s preferences are action upon by working with all departments to accord and action on guests’ preferences.
  • Department briefings are used to highlight such preferences and the actions to take.

Classification of Preferences:

Preferences are classified into:

  1. Local Preferences
  2. Global Preferences
  3. Distinctive Preferences

1) Local Preferences:

They are specific only to the particular hotel such as:

  • Balcony room in east side
  • Local newspapers
  • Prefers table 38 in Café Kool
  • Likes room to be serviced by Mary only

2) Global Preferences:

These are common items that can be provided across all properties such as:

3) Distinctive Preferences:

These are distinctive information about a guest that pertains to him/her only. Such information can only be gotten through staff:

  • Keen observations of guests’ habits
  • Through conversations with guests
  • And in recording them on our Guest Preference Pads

Examples are:

  • Mr John Smith is left-handed
  • Mr Gary Lee is allergic to nuts
  • Ms Mary Seet likes to drink diet coke
  • Ms Caremen Coster prefers room temperature of 26 degree Celsius
  • Mr K.T. Tan likes to listen to flute music

Points To Consider When Collecting Guests Preferences:

When you record a guest’s preference, there are 3 points to consider before recording the preference:

  • Is the Guest Preference Accurate?
  • Is the Guest Preference Attainable?
  • Is the Guest Preference Actionable?


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