What is Maid’s Cart Used in Hotel

Housekeeping Maid’s Cart is a trolley (also referred as a housekeeper’s trolley or room attendant’s trolley or chamber maid’s trolley) which is used to stock all necessary guest supplies in accordance with the allocated numbers of rooms that are required by housekeeping department in effectively performing hotel operations.

housekeeping maid cartMaid cart is a very effective housekeeping tool as it is capable of carrying large amount of supplies and equipment. Even a room attendant cart or a chamber cart is also can perform as a cleaning equipment by removing and carrying of cleaning materials, soiled linen and garbage. Use of maid cart can reduce the valuable time of a housekeeper as it provides an assurance regarding availability of all guest supplies together. The maid cart or the room attendant cart is usually positioned in the linen room where other housekeeping supplies are also stored. These carts are available in both metal and wood.

Responsibility of Room Attendant

The room attendant cart is generally handled by the room attendant who is responsible for proper application of maid cart including cleanliness and maintenance. To ensure smooth operation and to avoid unwanted events the room attendants should execute the following functions:

  • Check the supplies against the provided checklist before forwarding into room service.
  • Maintain the cart in a well-organized manner which is beneficial for easy availability of supplies
  • To bring hygienic tone and make it appealing, the cart should be cautiously maintained and stored locked.
  • Place the cart along the corridor wall to avoid any collision during cleaning.

Requirements of Maid’s Cart

An ideal maid cart must fulfill the following requirements:

  • There must be expansive space in the cart that it able to carry all those supplies which are required by a room attendant in a particular workday.
  • The cart should be easily movable by the maid as it contains large amount of supplies.
  • To make it easily movable a perfect cart would have fixed wheels at one end and castor –wheels at the other.

Arrangement of Housekeeper’s Trolley

The room maid cart includes three deep shelves, the lower two shelves for stoking linen and the top shelves for stocking supplies. But it is essential to keep the heavier linens on the lowermost shelf and the lighter linens on the top shelf.

The cart also contains a bag for collecting soiled linen, removable thrash bags, storing space for a vacuum cleaner and a hand container, a top that is partitioned for amenities, guestroom brochures. If room attendant is not allowed to use floor master keys then the chamber carts may have a locked box to store guestroom keys.

The supplies or the linens in the maid cart should never be overstock or understock as understock often creates scarcity of supplies and overstock could increase the risk of misuse or damaged.

Stocking of Room Attendant’s Cart

Generally the items that are stocked into the room attendant cart is measured or determined based on the room category, guest amenities and size of the cart. However housekeeping supplies that are usually stocked in the maid cart are as follows:

hotel maid's cart linen stockGenerally all those linen items are stored in upper and middle shelves whereas heavy items like bed sheets or mattress protector are generally stored in the bottom shelf. In times of storing items in maid’s cart lighters items are stored from top to middle and heavy items are in bottom side to adjust the weight. In top portion, different hotel guest supplies like ash trays, sewing kits are kept. For quick cleaning in some carts different cleaning agents used mainly in housekeeping department like room freshener, dettols are kept.

Points to be Considered:

  • Each room attendant will be responsible for each of the items. So these supplies should be used in assigned room only.
  • Placing housekeeping trolley properly in times of cleaning is important. It should be placed beside the corridor in such a way that guests can move easily.
  • Be careful while moving with cart to avoid any unwanted collision.
  • Try to place cart in a way that requires less movement to clean different rooms.

Maintenance of Housekeeping Cart

A maid cart is very significant part of housekeeping department so it must be handled and maintained with careful hand and proper care. To make it long lasting and to make the best use a room attendant or a housekeeper must take the following steps:

  • The room or the place where the maid cart will be positioned must be dry area and well ventilated.
  • All carts should be thoroughly cleaned and wiped daily.
  • The soiled linen bag and thrash bags that are kept in the maid cart should be emptied at regular basis.
  • The wheels of cart must be well-made and oiled intermittently with expert hand.
  • All the linens and supplies should be properly organized in the cart after each sift that it make easier to replenish extra item.

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