How to Enter Guest Room in Hotel

Before entering the guest room, hoteliers especially staffs from housekeeping department has to follow certain basic standards and procedures accordingly. By following these standards, hotel can ensure highest guest satisfaction and excellence of service.

Though different hotel may set different policies for their housekeeping associates to enter the guest room, however the common standards are given below by using appropriate example. Here are the following:

(A) Before entering the guest room, check to ensure the following:

  • The status of the room (vacant or occupied)how enter hotel guest room
  • If there is DO NOT DISTURB sign
  • Whether guest is available or not
  • If guest is in the room:
  1. Knock at the door or ring the door bell.
  2. Identify yourself by saying “Housekeeping” in a clear and natural voice.

(B) If the guest response your call and come to the door :

  • Greet the guest by politely saying “Good Morning / Afternoon / Evening (according to the time of the day) Sir/Madam. May I service your room now please?”
  • If possible greet the guest by using his/her name.
  • If the guest permit you for servicing and cleaning the room: Thank the guest and enter the room gently.
  • If the guest does not agree for room service now and ask you to come back later:
  1. Ask guest to determine the time for room service by courteously saying “when would you like to get the room service, Sir / madam?”
  2. Write down the exact time for room service on your report and apologize by saying “Sorry to disturb you Sir/Madam” and leave the place.

(C) If the guest responses to you by saying “Just a minute” or “Coming”:

  • Stand outside of the room through maintaining accurate distance from the door.
  • Give the guest required time to finish his/her current work and wait until the guest comes.
  • If the guest allows you to enter by calling out “Come In”, you may enter the guest room.

(D) If the guest is in the room while servicing and cleaning the room:

  • Service the room through following standards in a professional and efficient way.
  • Leave the room after completion of servicing and cleaning by politely saying: “I have completed servicing your room Sir / Madam, is there anything else that I could do for you?”

(E) If guest wishes for any further request:

  • Fulfill the guest request dully.
  • Ask guest to contact you for further help by saying “If there is anything further I can do for you, please inform me or you may call to the Housekeeping Department at Extension XXX (number)”

(F) After completion of your cleaning the room:

  • If the guest says “Thank You”, say, “It is my pleasure Sir / Madam, enjoy your stay”. Have an enjoyable and healthy day”
  • Leave the room.
  • Close the door gently.

(G) In case there is no reply from the guest room:

  • Again ring the door bell and announce “Housekeeping” and wait for 10 seconds.
  • If still there is no reply, insert the key card and enter the room quietly.

(H) In case you enter the room and the guest is inside, apologize to guest by politely saying:

  • “I am extremely sorry, Sir / Madam (by using guest name if possible); I didn’t want to bother you, would you like to have the room service now?”

(I) In case there is DND sign on the door or the door is double locked:

  • Do not knock at the door or ring the door bell.
  • Leave the place gently.

(J) If the door DND or double – locked on the door for long time:

  • Report to the Supervisor to take progressive actions.

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