Do’s & Don’ts of Hotel Housekeeping

Hotel housekeeping department is one of the most important sections of a hotel. This department is mainly responsible for cleaning and Maintenance. Generally a housekeeping staff has to face a guest frequently. In order to provide better service a housekeeping staff should maintain following guidelines.

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DO’ s of Hotel Housekeeping

  1. Perform your respective duties according to the hotel standards and policies. Follow instructions accordingly.
  2. Always deal with guests and colleagues in a professional and polite manner.
  3. Response to your guest’s call immediately or within shortest possible of time.
  4. Answer to paging effectively and take progressive actions to attain guest’s request.
  5. Always greet your guest and other associates with a smiling voice and natural tone.
  6. Greet your guest according to the time of the day by courteously saying “Good Morning / Afternoon / Evening / Sir/Madam (if possible by using name).
  7. Report to your work 15 minute prior to take the duties of next shift.
  8. Always wear your uniform maintaining proper grooming and standards in the hotel premise.
  9. While servicing, stand and walk straight and do not lean on walls or corners.
  10. Ensure proper cleanliness and hygiene in the hotel area as well as in your working area. Keep your working equipment clean and tidy. After completion of your work, place them in the pantry area.
  11. Take 30 minutes breaks for your meal.  Make sure that you eat only at the staff canteen.
  12. Before reporting and after completing your duty sign in and out properly in the attendance sheet. Even when going for meal breaks, remember to sign in and out in the attendance sheet.
  13. Perform your duty only in the area assigned to you unless allowed by the Supervisor.
  14. Whenever you find any difficulty or face any disputed action or any discrepancy, report to your Supervisor or Assistant Manager as early as possible.
  15. Keep the TV or the radio OFF during cleaning the guest room.
  16. Remember you are only allowed to use public telephone. Never use guest room’s telephones for personal use.
  17. Make sure that all old news papers, magazines and guest items are orderly and properly arranged.
  18. While servicing the room, vacuum the guest room daily. Use Rags for cleaning the room rather than towels.
  19. If you find any cash or valuables items in the room, report as the lost and found items to the Housekeeping office immediately.
  20. Report to your supervisor immediately, if you find anything unusual (ex-DND sign for long time, guest is sick, damaged properties, occupied rooms without luggage).
  21. Ensure that all soiled linen or uniform are sent to the linen room for cleaning.
  22. Take care of all guests and guest belongings.

Don’ts of Hotel Housekeeping

  1. Always remember you are not permitted to sell hotel properties to guest under any circumstances.
  2. Never ask for any tips or suggestions from the guest.
  3. Be honest and punctual towards your work. Keep restrain yourself from any sort of gambling or stealing in the hotel.
  4. Do not smoke, drink or chew gum while servicing or in the duty. Smoking is permitted only in the staff smoking zone.
  5. Do not engage in any unusual activities while on duty such as moving legs, spitting or drum on desk with the fingertips or swing your keys / key card or play with the coins in your pocket.
  6. Never lose your temper or patience in front of the guest.
  7. Do not keep your hand in the pocket in your working areas.
  8. Remember you are not permitted to read newspapers, books or magazines while performing your duty.
  9. Report any situation to your supervisor that is harmful for the hotel. Never try to fix any electric problem without permission.
  10. Never put any guest property or guest belongings in the back of the house service area.
  11. Do not be absent in your duty without emergency situation or absolute cause and inform your supervisors before taking any decision.
  12. Do not be late to your work. Report to your supervisor regarding any delay.
  13. Do not use others locker or drawer. Keep your stuffs in your designated locker.
  14. Keep away all your personal affairs while on duty. Never bring them in your working area.
  15. Do not invite friends and family into any area of the hotel. Remember you are not allowed to attain any sort of hotel amenities (ex- restaurants, bars, public rest rooms and guest rooms).
  16. Do not carry or bring food from the staff canteen. Never keep any food in your locker.
  17. Do not think hotel property as your own property.
  18. Do not walk or service in the hotel without your uniform.
  19. If the “DND” sign is on or if the room is double – locked. Do not disturb your guest.
  20. Do not pour hot water or throw ice into the wash basins as it may harmful for the water basins.
  21. Do not enter the hotel through guest entrance. Always use staff entrance to enter in the hotel.
  22. Keep restrain yourself from the following actions, such as: laughing or talking loudly with the colleges, running or walking fast along the guest corridor, whistling or singing on the duty, using of slang language.
  23. Do not use guest room telephone for your personal calls. Even do not answer guest room telephone while servicing or cleaning the room.
  24. Do not use the guest lifts, toilets or any guest amenities such as T.V,   mini bar, radio, avail the staff facilities only.
  25. Never discuss with the guests about other guests or associates of the hotel.
  26. Never exchange your time card with other employee unless permitted by the supervisor.
  27. Do not keep lost and found items in the pantry or trolley. Never throw any lost and found items.
  28. Never throw or put any soiled linen or uniform on top of Room Attendants or Room Service trolleys.
  29. Never allow any guest, strangers or contractors to enter any guest room without permission. Do not let guest room or the Service Area door open.
  30. Do not hand over your key to anyone else. Always remember you are responsible for the key issued to you.
  31. Never provide any stained or torn towels and bed sheet to guest room. 
  32. You are not allowed to keep any food or personal items or any item belonging to room service in the pantry.

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