How Hospitality Students Get Jobs in Hotel Industry

To make entrance in the hotel industry profession there are numerous ways. Previously we have discussed various job sectors for hospitality students from where you can get idea about different sections in hospitality industry where you can dream to build your career in hotel industry. People with professional or vocational education and training that is pertinent to the hotel industry are highly required by the hotels as hotel employees or staffs. Even someone who does not have these professional or vocational educations and training also can seek for job in the hotel industry for the post of management and graduate trainee schemes at the professional level, and in the apprentice trainee scheme at the vocational level.

Generally the following routes are accessible for hospitality students as well as general graduates for getting a job in the hotel industry:

  • how hospitality students get jobs hotel restaurantJunior Level Jobs which are available after finishing a vocational-level course.
  • Junior Level Jobs through trainee programs.
  • Supervisory or Management Level Jobs after doing professional diploma, degree or honors course in hospitality management.
  • Supervisory or Management Level Jobs through Management Training Programs of different hotels & restaurants.

Junior Level Hotel & Restaurant Jobs

There are several job titles comprise junior skilled job which are as follows:

  • Chambermaids
  • Front office personnel
  • Room attendants
  • Telephone operators
  • Secretaries
  • Doormen
  • Bell boys
  • Junior production staff
  • Junior housekeeping staff

Anyone can seek for job in these posts if she/he owns a vocational level craft course or acquired apprenticeship training scheme.

  • Vocational level craft courses: To qualify for junior skilled jobs or making entrance at the level of craft some vocational education of hotel management often required by the hotels. By completing diploma or certificate courses at vocational level you can easily apply for job in the hotel industry. There some specialized vocational training courses are available which usually take six month to one-and-a-half year held by hotel management as well as food craft institutes.
  • Apprenticeship Training Scheme: Besides vocational courses, apprenticeship training also helps a person who wants to get a junior skilled job in the hotel industry. According to hotel laws, all hotels are required to give an opportunity to an apprentice for gathering work experience. If someone wants to work as apprentice in the hotel then he/she could directly apply in various hotels. In some areas there are also local apprentice offices which can be helpful for managing apprenticeship in the reputed hotels. Apprenticeship does not provide assurance that an apprentice will get a job in the same place where he/ she has completed apprenticeship. But apprenticeship makes an apprenticeship skilled and efficient due to work experience. Moreover an apprentice has to go through many examinations before getting into hotel which will be helpful for facing other examination or interview board.

Supervisory & Management Level Hotel & Restaurant Jobs

  • Professional Courses in Hotel Management: After completing higher secondary level people chose their next path of study according to their choice of interest. So if anyone wishes to work in the hotel industry then he or she can complete 3 or 4 year professional level course in hotel management. Such course can work as a very effective requirement for a hospitality student to get a job in supervisory level or seek for job for the post of executive. Supervisory level entails number of job positions. Different people have different choice, so if you have any particular choice or interest for any specific job title then you should mention it in your application that you can work in interest area. Basically, before getting into supervisory level every hotelier may have to go for training (9 to 24 months). Supervisory level also gives the opportunity to the hoteliers to promote their position with the help of great effort and hard work.
  • Management Training Programs: Almost all private and public sector hotel chains take on management trainees for managerial jobs. Though different hotel chains have different requirement and selection modes, For example some hotel chains choose campus interview as their selection mode whereas some other prefer to leave informative brochure and booklet in colleges. However, usually management jobs are preferable to those who are graduates and Post graduates. Some teenagers often go for a management trainee program (time span 12-24 months) after completing their college level which is conducted by the various hotels. In order to get higher level job in the hotels, someone who has completed a professional course also can take participate on management trainee program.

Direct Entry in Hotel & Restaurant

Without doing any hotel management course one can seek for job in the hotel industry. If you have strong desire to work in the hotel industry then you can directly apply for craft, supervisory or managerial job after completing your study. But it is very much important to have knowledge and clear idea about hotel industry that you do not let down your hotel authority due to non hotel management background.

Generally hotel advertise their job vacancies in websites, national and regional newspapers etc. Even some hotels exhibit their vacancies in the notice board of colleges and universities that they could able to get efficient hotel staffs for their hotel by creating job responsiveness.

If you have completed your study and want to build your career in the hotel industry then you can look up in the newspaper advertisements or in the websites. Even If you are a student and seeking for a job then you should keep your eye on the notice which might help you to get a potential job.

To apply for a job in hotel you can forward your C.V. but before the deadline which is normally 10 to 15 days from the date of job circular or advertisement. Otherwise you can directly forward your C.V. to front desk personnel who is generally responsible for handling this procedure.

Specialized Posts in Hotel Industry

The hotel industries also include some specialized jobs for the post of engineering, accountancy, management and so on. But specialized degrees are required to get these sorts of jobs. In the hospitality industry there are lots of opportunities to prove one’s efficiency. But working in the hotel industry is very much challenging job which require hard work. Therefore, If anyone wishes to choose his/her career path as an hotelier then hard work is must to raise level from craft level to supervisory level and from supervisory level to senior management level .



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