Par Stock of Hotel Linen & Uniform

In hotel industry, Par stock is a widely used term which is the standard way to determine the minimum level of supplies to meet daily demands of daily hotel operation. Proper application of par stock can ensure smooth functional activity.

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How par stock affect in hotel operation are as follows:

  • Proper utilization of capital is very much essential to ensure smooth operation. Improper investmpar stock hotel linen uniforment of capital may lead loss in hotel operation. And par stock can reduce the chances of unexpected cost incur. With the help of par stock, the investor becomes able to make correct investment of capital.
  • Surplus stocking or storage of inventory may result in whole operational activity by creating damage of product. Even sometimes this over supply may lead the hotel staff to thief or misuse the hotel linen and uniform which is a great spoilage of hotel investment. Par stock of hotel equipment may prove as effective tool for saving this spoilage by preventing over supply and accumulating correct amount of storage of inventory.
  • After distribution on a particular day of hotel operation, excess linen and uniform would have to send for storage due to oversupply. It is not only waste of storage space but also waste of money. Therefore, the housekeeping department should always measure the correct of inventory by approaching par stock. Par stock can ensure best possible use of storage space by preventing the oversupply.
  • Par stock also can play a vital role in making a guest room well equipped as it is applied to measure the right amount of hotel supplies. Well equipment of guest room makes it ready for sale to guests. Moreover, a guest room could not be sold if it is dirty and incomplete. After a guest’s check out the room as well as the lines need to reorganize for sell. Generally, replacement of dirty linen everyday is basic rule in hotels. But in some small hotels, due to limited supply soiled linen are changed only when a new guest arrive. So if there will be proper amount of hotel supply then it well be helpful in making the guest room ready for instant sale.
  • Wearing hotel uniform is a must rule for hotel staffs to keep hotel image to others. Before entering to the hotel activity the staffs have to wear uniform. The prime duty of the laundry supervisor is to timely provide the hotel uniform. To do so, availability of uniform is essential and that can be fulfilled with the help of par stock.
  • Par stock can help the executive housekeeper to make best possible use of hotel budgeting. By approaching the method of par stock, the executive housekeeper can estimate the required amount of hotel linens and uniforms for a particular year. Par stock also useful in determining the scarcity of linens and uniforms due to damage or loss.
  • The linen keeper has to keep control on the numbers that is issued each day for operational purposes. The linen keeper also has to provide hotel supplies and track the laundry for additional washing cycles. Par stock helps the linen keeper to recon or detects the deficiencies in hotel supply and performs his/her duty properly.
  • To uphold the owner’s investment in hotel inventory (such as, linen and uniforms), audits are performed by the hotels. Now a day it becomes easier for auditors to tally the par stock as the numbers are known.

So far you get the idea of the necessity of par stock in hotel & restaurant. To perform the hotel operation effectively the proper way of establishment of par stock of linen and uniform have been described below:

Linen: Par Stock of Linen or Linen par stock means standard amount of linen inventory that is needed for ensuring smooth hotel operation. A most common term used in hospitality industry is “One par Linen” which means the amount of linen required every time for guest in the hotel room. The hotel itself have to find out the appropriate par number so that there will never be shortage of linen anytime.

The basic rule is to figure out the requirement of each guest room and restaurant per shift. After getting the number multiply it 4 times according to this order cycle:

  • Make 1 change in each cycle.
  • Make 1 change in hotel laundry.
  • Make 1 change in floor linens room.
  • Make 1 change in linen room.
  • For safety purpose, as optional, make 1 change in the housekeeping store.

Uniforms: Generally par stock of uniform is determined on the basis of 2 following points in hotel industry:

  1. Material of the Cloth
  2. Different Job positions & nature of each jobs.

4 changes are kept for uniform changed as daily basis for low level employees like waiter’s coats or uniform of electrician or other utility worker uniform and so on. In case of most specialized uniforms like F & B Directors or Front Office manager, there could have 2 or 3 times change in each circulation. Standard Par stock cycle is maintained in this way:

  • Make 1 change in use.
  • Make 1 change in laundry.
  • Make 1 change in uniform room.
  • Make 1 change in housekeeping for storing.


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