How to serve Cigar in Hotel & Restaurant

From this food & beverage service training tutorial you will learn how to serve Cigar in hotel or restaurant in a professional and efficient manner in accordance with the standards. Cigar is a bundle of dried and fermented tobacco that is longer and thicker than a cigarette and prepared for smoking. Cigar is highly popular in countries like USA, Germany, UK and in Western European countries.

Procedures to Serve Cigar in Hotel & Restaurant

1. Prepare the Necessary Equipment:

  • how serve cigar hotel restaurantBefore lightening the cigar, pre-arrange the cigar with necessary equipments.
  • Check to ensure the following equipments are neatly arranged and orderly before serving the guest:
  1. Cigars match stick.
  2. Cedar splinter.
  3. Cigar ashtray.
  4. Cigar cutter.
  5. Round scissor.
  6. Candle.
  7. B/B plate for trimmings.

2. Approach the Table:

  • Reach to the guest table to serve cigar.
  • Establish eye contact and approach the guest from the right side with a smile in your face.

3. Arrangement of Cigar:

  • If cigars are packed in cellophane then unwrapped them first for serving.
  • Hold the cigar using your left hand at the cigar bow (remove the bow after determine guest’s decision).
  • In case the cigars are closed at their ends, open the slit.
  • To protect the cover-leaf and to prevent inhaling for the guest, make sure that the cut is tidy and neat.
  • To clear the folding leaves properly, cut the head of the cigar carefully.
  • While cutting the cigar, check that 3 m.m. of the “head” should remain. Make sure that the cut is smaller than the diameter of the cigar and the opening is big enough to provide a proper puff.

4. Present the Cigar Box:

  • After properly arrange the cigar for the guest, present the cigar box.
  • Open the cigar box for the guest with the cigar facing the guest by politely saying: “This is our cigar selection, Mr. X”.

5. Explain the Cigar Selection

  • Let the guest first to choose cigar.
  • Recommend guest in selecting cigar (if required).
  • If the guest wants to have details explanations of the cigar then explain the cigar by introducing the cigar with its all features. For example:
  1. Name or brand of the cigar.
  2. Country of the origin.
  3. The taste (ex-/ mild /light).
  4. The price of the cigar.

6. Pick the Cigar:

  • After selecting the cigar, appreciate the guest by saying: “that is a good selection for you, Mr. X.”
  • If the guest asks you to pick the cigar for him, hold it with your finger and put it on a B&B Plate.
  • If the guest selects the cigar and want to cut the cigar by himself, serve 1 box of match and the cigar cutter and place them on a B&B Plate.
  • If the guest wants you to pick the cigar for him but wishes to cut the cigar by himself then hold the cigar using your fingers and serve the cigar on a B&B Plate with a 1 box of matches and the cigar cutter.
  • If the guest picks the cigar but does not want to cut it by himself, cut the cigar for him and serve the cigar together with a box of matches placing them on a B&B plate.

7. Leave the table:

  • Ask the guest if he needs anything else.
  • Make eye contact and leave the table by saying courteously: “Enjoy your cigar, Mr. X”.

8. Remarks:

  • Always address the guests by using their name (if possible).
  • Do not touch the end of the cigar with your fingers since the guest will put this part in his mouth.
  • Before cutting the cigar, determine guest’s requirements (ex-small/ medium/large opening).


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