Overview of Hotel Industry (Part-2)

Definition of Hotel Manager:

From the previous article, Overview of Hospitality Industry (Part-1), it is very evident that the services of a hotel manager are very crucial for the success of the hotel. Then question is “who is a hotel manager?” Answer simplified; anyone who is an executive working at various types of lodging establishments, such as inns, smaller independent hotels, large chain hotels, cruise ships and resorts. Most of the hotel managers must have received some form of hotel industry training and then worked up through the various ranks to the current position of a manager. The hotel managers run their establishments by coordinating different services, among them housekeeping, reservations, maintenance, front desk and marketing,

In earlier article, the manager was noted to have different positions, depending on the nature and size of the hotel, and according to the employer. Some of the managers can run all the hotel tasks alone, while others will need assistant managers to help with these services. Other names used in the hotel industry to refer to managers are hotelier, tourist hotel manager, general manager, convention facility manager and hotel manager.

What Makes Good Hotel Management:

hospitality industryFor any successful hotel to run through there must have been effective and good administration. If the manager who is heading the hotel is good for the task, the hotel is bound to grow, and if not, then the hotel will have a very hard time to grow. What make a good hotelier the hotel manager and the top leadership, with ability to influence any other person working on the hotel to understand the reasons why they are there. With the various hotel management schools both local and online, most hotel managers have been using this platform to increase their knowledge on the new trends and ideas of running a hotel, a factor which has led to success of some hotels while others are still struggling with the competition.

The persons who hire the restaurant or hotel managers are always keen to look for employees with relevant education background, and might emphasis on those who have skills for the success of these careers. It is very understandable for this, simply because the hotel manager will need to have strong initiative, decision making abilities and good leadership from every part of the hotel and ensure that everyone; both customers and workers fell part of that hotel. They must also show their proficiency in the administrative, business, financial and marketing duties.

Hotel & the Community:

Hotels have a very close link with the community. That is why it would be very awkward to see a very busy town which have every other business going on, very successfully, but with no hotel. The hotels not only provide the meals and lodging but also give rooms for meetings. Most of the upcoming news takes place in hotels. Depending on the size of the hotel, conventions, meetings, social events, luncheons and even charily affairs can be conducted here. It thus gives you the reason why hotel has closest relationship with the community.

Hotels provision of public meeting rooms provides valuable service for the community. These public places offered by hotels allow very many activities of local and general importance to take place in community, which would have otherwise been unable to accommodate elsewhere.

Since the time when the first hotel opened its doors, it set the space for local and national events. Civic as well as national functions are usually conducted in hotel ballrooms. Not forgetting that most of the important visitors stop over at local hotels. Local celebs, community leaders and civil dignitaries are often found at hotels before attending their social or business functions. This also gives a fact-the number of people coming in and out of hotels is so many, and unless there is effective administration, confusion and bad service, with delays might arise. Hence, hotel management must be well implemented for the hotels to reciprocate to the community in the required manner, for the sake of their reputation and also for helping the community around to feel satisfied.

Employment Outlook in Hotel Industry:

In the year 2006, the employment in hotel industry was expected to grow in more than average for all the occupation, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics of year 2006’. The factors which contributed to this forecast were the increased in business traveling and greater domestic and foreign tourism to create demand for more hotels. This would also have an effect on the demand of skilled workers on hotels. In many countries, till now, there is still shortage of skilled hotel workers and motel employees. This is caused by the high rate of turn over. This shortage is also seen as an opportunity creating platform fort he trained facets in the hospitality industry to get a job. Needless to say the thousands of workers needed to replace those who are transferring, retiring and unfortunately, those who die.


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