Working as a Team in Hotel & Restaurant

In hospitality industry, there is no one man’s game. It’s all about team work. A good service provided by any hotel is the outcome of a great team effort. If all the departments do not act simultaneously then it is impossible to provide quality service. This tutorial focuses on the most essential topic that is the importance of team effort in hospitality industry. Before going deep into the discussion let’s see what does a guest want.

Generally all the guest want:

  1. To check in properly.
  2. Get good behavior from hotel staff.
  3. Get their room cleaned and ready to accommodate.
  4. Good taste and hygienic food.
  5. Proper bill against their consumption & usage of facilities.
  6. Nice pleasant atmosphere.
  7. Easy check out, etc.

working-as-team-in-hotelNow, as you see none of his expectation can be fulfilled by any particular person or even by any department. Housekeeping is responsible for cleaning the room, accounting department deals with billing, front office manage check in and check out, F & B Service and Kitchen staffs are responsible for food and beverage items, even a staff gets connected with security man, bellboy even after with electrician or driver etc.

So, if the guest get’s disturbed with any of the single staff then he or she will accuse the whole hotel authority and may not come again which means a lost of further business. On the other hand, as a part of the management even you give your 100% then a single staff like a driver or dishwasher can be the reason of loosing a potential guest. So, all associates must practise the following guidelines to work together as part of a team to promote harmony and enhance productivity:

  1. Help your fellow associates whenever possible.
  2. Ask your fellow associates for Help when you need so guest service does not suffer.
  3. Say hello to fellow associates when you see them, try to use their names if you know them.
  4. Say “please” and “thank –you” to fellow associates. Don’t hesitate to say sorry to your Inferior colleague.
  5. Work with each other to share work, supplies and equipment.
  6. Take pride in your work.
  7. Always clean your work area after your work.
  8. Solve fellow associate’s problems, never blame others or other departments.
  9. Always follow the standards and procedures.
  10. Offer to help and assist new associate by answering questions and demonstrating as a mentor.
  11. Be respectful of the work of the Support associates, such as pot and dishwashers.


  1. really it is interesting when I read all the notes which u send its going to bring positive in my working area thank u so much.


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