How to Serve Beer from Can or Bottle

Beer is a popular beverage item served in restaurant. According to Wikipedia, Beer is the oldest and most widely used alcoholic beverage and after tea and coffee, most popular drink in the world. So, if you are working in hotel or restaurant then you should have sound knowledge on how to serve beer properly. Let’s learn the trick:

How to Avoid Foam:

  • First proceed to the table to serve beer. When filling the glass with beer pour it at a slow steady pace and endeavor to pour the beer to flow down on the opposite side wall of the glass.
  • If the beer glass is already full and there is still some more beer remaining in the can/bottle then leave the can/bottle on the right side of the beer glass.

Things You Should Consider:

  • Ensure to open the top of the can/bottle beer before approaching to the guest and you have one glass prepared for each beer ordered.
  • Place the glass down on the right hand side of the guest.
  • Ask the guest politely, “Would you like me to pour your beer for you sir/madam.” If they say no, place the beer can/bottle on the right hand side of the glass a 3:00 o’clock position. If the guest says yes, proceed with the following steps.
  • Bring the beer can/bottle of the drink tray with your right hand and begin to pour the beer very slowly (ensure that the can/bottle does not touch the rim of the glass).
  • Whilst pouring the beer slowly on the opposite inside wall of the glass, watch the glass filling with beer (if the beer starts appearing to have too large amount of head, stop for a few seconds, until the head subsides, then proceed.
  • Stop pouring beer when the glass is already full. There should only be approximately 2-3 cm volume of head in the glass (though some guests may prefer a larger head). If there is some remaining beer in the can/bottle place it on the right hand side of the glass at 3: 00 o’clock position.
  • Remove empty can/bottle with your right hand from the guest’s right hand side and place it on your tray and return it to the Bar or Back-of-House.
  • When the beer glass has only 1/3 of beer remaining politely ask the guest if he/she would care for another beer. E.g “Excuse me Sir/Madam would you care for another beer?”

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