How to Handle “Wrong Order” (SOP)

Theoretically when you think you should not find any reason for “Wrong Order”. Here I use the term “wrong order” in order to mean that situation when a waiter approach a guest to serve his order but guest give a reply that he even don’t order this item at all. Such an embarrassing situation, right? Anyway, although it is unexpected but sometimes due to high volume of guest or improficiency of a waiter (most of the time newly recruited) wrong order may take place. Don’t be panic. We all are human being and we do mistakes.

If any mistake happens then do apologize to your guest for serving wrong food and follow these steps which are classified into 2 categories: food & beverage:

A: Food:

Step-1: After serving food if your guest Replies: “I did not order this” then it may happen that:

  • You have delivered food into wrong table.
  • You note wrong order. For example, guest order 15 no item but you wrote it as 50!
  • Kitchen staff does not provide proper item upon your KOT.

Whatever the reason is if you found it is your mistake then do apologize as early as possible and inform him that you will rectify immediately. Also never argue with your guest or colleagues to prove that you were wrong. As a server it is your prime duty to serve your guest properly and stay on your task. Blame seeking is not to be entered into at any stage. Making proper solution of the problem can be possible after service period.


Cancel the dish in the P.O.S. and register the new dish, the kitchen will receive a print out to cancel the dish.


The Supervisor should delete the items from the guest’s check in the POS system and add the newly ordered item.


As you know guest will not pay for wrong order. So the order should not be cashed off and write proper reason on official check with a signature by the outlet manager.


The chef or kitchen personnel should decide what will they do with wrong order.


If it happens that you approach in wrong table and can immediately understand than you should serve at the proper table and by this way you can avoid wrong order.


Generally “wrong order” is an accident which does not occur regularly. But if it happens regularly with all the waiters then there may be any big problem in your system or if it happens with any particular person again and again then it indicates his lack of proficiency. Proper training can solve the problem.


Follow step-1 to 4 discussed previously.


Return the wrong order to the service bar. Bartender should try to save the beverage for future selling. He should follow these steps:

  • Remove any ice.
  • Open soft drinks and juices may be resold.
  • Spirits or hard liquor should have the Liquor kept in the glass, should another order take place.
  • Beers may be resold (so long as they are resold within Half an Hour).

Follow step-5 and the note discussed earlier. Hopefully now you get the idea on how to handle wrong order.


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  3. Very NIce ….. But this is not d perfect one wht i m looking for.

    The situation is tht we did d mistake.. but some times it hapens d guest dnt want to w8 & thy start shoutiing on us.. so at that time wht we have to do.. to handle that situation. ???


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