Settling Credit Card Payment (SOP)

Credit card is the one of the mostly used payment method in most of the hotel or restaurant. After having meal guest like to settle his or her account through credit card. Let’s learn how to handle credit card payment with highest level of security and professionalism.
1: Observe the Guest:

  • Observe the guest to see whether he or she likes to pay or not.
  • If the guest waits for you to settle his or her account then gently proceed.

2: Approach the Table:

  • After reaching the table ask whether the guest is ready to pay or not. You can also wait to hear your guest.
  • If he agrees then approach from the right hand side of the guest.
  • With a smile collect the credit card in the bill folder.
  • After collecting bill, you should say “Thank you, Mr./Mrs./Ms.. or Sir/Madam, I will be back in a moment”
  • Don’t be over excited or try to hurry up. Ensure that the bill and the credit card are on the folder.

3: Handling Payment:

  • Proceed to the service station and use personal code/swipe card to obtain approval for getting access into system.
  • Process credit card payment through system (swipe card, enter credit card number, enter expiry date, enter amount, etc).

4: Printing:

  • Print out credit card sales draft when credit has been verified and amount approved.
  • Ensure that print is clear and readable check to ensure amount indicated on sales draft and bill is the same.
  • Place receipt on top of bill folder.
  • Place credit card on top of bill.
  • Place credit card sales draft on top of card.
  • Close the bill folder and return back to guest.
  • Take care and ensure that nothing fall out of the folder.

5: Taking Signature:

  • Get pen ready and approach the table from the right side of the guest and present the folder by saying in a polite manner. Excuse me, Mr./Mrs./Ms…. Or Sir/Madam XXXX, your signature, please.
  • Give pen to guest, ensure that pen is clean and can be written.

6: Returns to the Guest:

  • When guest has signed the sales draft and bill, collect the closed folder back.
  • Take one step back, check to ensure that signature on sales draft is exactly the same as the one on the back of the card.
  • Return original copy of the sales draft (customer’s copy) onto the folder with the credit card and bill (copies of sales draft to be kept for internal processing).

7: Closing the Procedure:

  • Return folder back to the guest by saying in a courteous manner: Excuse me, Mr./Mrs./Ms…. or Sir/Madam XXXX, your receipt please, Thank you.



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