Step by Step Guest Registration at Front Desk (Must Read)

Today, we will learn how a front desk agent complete guest registration procedure. This tutorial will help you to understand guest registration procedure step by step.

Step by Step Guest Registration Procedure:

Always remember that guest should be registered within 10 minutes, with complete information. Greeting should be warm and personalized.

Greet the Guest:

  • When you see the arrival guest coming in, open the main entrance by using switch beside of the front desk.
  • Greet with a smile and say:” Good morning/afternoon/evening (according to the right time of the day) Mr. / Ms Patron (guest if known) or sir/ma’am, welcome to XYZ.”
  • If guest name is not known, ask the guest for their name by saying: “May I have your name please.”

Check current day’s check-in list for the guest’s name and retrieve the guest folder:

  • Open guest folio/file in Comanche system and review file.
  • Retrieve the Guest Registration Card and key. Guest registration should be complete with guest details at least one day prior to guest arrival.

Present the guest registration card and lease agreement (if any):

  • Show guest where to sign or fill-in those areas requiring information on Registration Card and Lease Agreement, by saying: “Mr/Ms Patron, please check the information and complete these areas and sign here”.
  • Ask for guest’s business card. If you could get it, guest does not need to fill up the form except signature.
  • Present pen with back of pen facing the guest.
  • Do not interrupt guest while they are filling the forms.
  • When receiving completed form, say: “Thank you Mr/Ms Patron”.
  • Check that all necessary areas of name, passport number, address & signature are completed accordingly.

Request credit card from guest:

  • Check the payment status. If the company is paying all expenses, it is not necessary to ask for credit card.
  • Show Invoice if any.
  • Say: “Mr/Ms ____, may I have your credit card please.”“Thank you.” Receive credit card with both hands.
  • Charge amount according to guest paperwork.
  • Take credit card imprint/swipe for incidental charges, if the company is paying the Rent.
  • Return the credit card to the guest, saying: “Thank you, Mr/Ms _______”
  • Present the print out of the slip to the guest for signature.
  • Present a copy of credit card slip & attach to PAID stamped original invoice. And put it in the envelope. Pass it to the guest.
  • Clip the other signed slip to the copy of Invoice. Attach both to the back of the completed guest registration card.

Request passport from guest:

  • Ask guest for their passport/identity card for photocopying, saying: “Mr/Ms ____, may I have your passport/identity card please.” “Thank you.”
  • Make a copy of the passport (page with their photograph and personal details as well as the page, if applicable, of their visa for entry into the country).
  • Check name, passport number, visa details.
  • Return passport to the guest, saying: “Thank you.”
  • Clip the copy of the passport/identity card/visa behind the completed guest registration card and behind the credit card slip. This ensures that the property has a photo of the guest for guest security purposes.

Outstanding items/Incomplete guest file:

  • Inform guest by saying: “Mr. /Ms Patron, on review of your file, we have not received your {name of missing document, for example Reservation Confirmation Form etc.}, do you have it available?”
  • IF DOCUMENT IS NOT AVAILABLE, say: “Mr. /Ms Patron might we follow up with you tomorrow?”
  • Log into logbook for Front Office Manager to follow-up.

Ask guest if they require newspaper service:

  • Ask: “Mr. / Ms Patron, would you like to subscribe to one of the local newspapers or one of the international papers?”
  • Provide the appropriate information and rate schedule as requested by the guest.
  • Say: “Mr. / Ms Patron, the {name of newspaper subscribed} will be delivered to your residence daily. We will bill your account {price of subscription} per month.”

Ask guest if they require a car parking space:

  • Ask: ‘Will you be requiring a car park space?”
  • If guest requires car park, check availability and ask for the car type to assign inside or outside car park.
  • If the parking is not available, apologize and advise that we will contact guest as soon as it become available, and note it on the list accordingly.
  • Prepare the car admission card and advise guest to place it in front of the driver’s seat.

Ask guest if they require Broadband Connection (ADSL):

  • Ask “Will you be requiring Broadband Connection in your apartment?” If guest requires Broadband, provide appropriate information.
  • Provide the appropriate information and rate schedule as requested by the guest.
  • If guest requires Broadband, set the hub in the apartment and provide LAN cable.

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