Turndown Service Procedure (SOP)


Turndown service in hotel industry is a process when hotel staffs prepare guest room warm and inviting for sleeping. Generally 4 star or more exclusive hotels provide this service automatically, others provide this service upon request from guest or automatically for VIP guests or suit room guests. Turndown service is also known as evening service which is generally performed between 6 PM and 9 PM.

Some most common turndown service activities are:

  • Closing of draperies
  • Turning Lights
  • Playing Soft music
  • Corner folding of bedspread away from pillow
  • Keep chocolates, or mints, fruit, or some other items on the bed.
  • Some hotels also prefer to keep breakfast door hanger right after amenities.

Turndown Service Procedure

Generally guests expectation is “I like to have my room prepared when coming home, this gives me the feeling that the hotel takes care of me. It saves me time in turning down the bedspread and closing the blinds”. To fulfill guest’s desire following procedures need to be done:

(1) Preparation:

Prepare maid’s basket/trolley with linen and amenities:


  • Pillow cases
  • Duvet cover
  • Bed sheets


  • Shower gel
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Lotion
  • Shower cap box
  • Sanitary Bag box
  • Toothbrush an past box
  • Comb Razor and shaving cream

Fill the ice container with ice cubes from the ice machine where applicable

(2) Enter into Guest Room:

If you are sure that there is no guest in the room even in that case must follow standard procedure.

(3) Provide Turn Down Service:

  • If the guest is inside, greet guest and say, “ Madame/Sir, I am xxx from Housekeeping, sorry to disturb you, may I turn down your bed?”.
  • Collect all used glass/cup and exchange with glasses from the pantry.
  • Do not wash glasses in front of guest.
  • Empty the rubbish bin.

Turn down the bed by:

  • Fold and store bed runner or bed spread and cushions inside the closet.
  • Lift corner of quilt near the telephone and fold the corner into a triangle.
  • Straighten and place pillow neatly on the bed. Ensure pillow case opening is facing inwards.
  • Place breakfast menu card on the folded quilt at an angle.
  • Place GSTS card on the breakfast menu if the guest is checking out the next day.
  • Place turndown gift on the center of the pillow.
  • Place foot mat in front of the bed together with a pair of slippers.(according the nr. of pax occupied in the guest room).

Note: The Children Doorknob-menu is to be placed on top of the regular breakfast menu in case there is child staying in the guest room.

Close day and night curtains. Ensure that they are properly closed and there is no gap.


  • Tidy up the bathroom.
  • Close the shower curtain half way and place bath mat on the floor in front of the bathtub.
  • Replace all used amenities.

Return to the guest room to ensure nothing has been missed out. Leave the bedside table light on as well as soft TV music or as per your hotel standard.

(4) Leave the Guest Room:

If guest is in the room, say: “My name is ……, if you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me, Good night,Madam/Sir, have a pleasant evening.”. Fill up the Turndown report, time in and out, number of guest and other remarks.

(5) DND (Do Not Disturb) Issue:

  • Record time the guest refused service on your report.
  • For DND rooms, record the time on your report, when all rooms are finished, go back to DND room to check if the room can be serviced later
  • If the DND sign is still on, slip a “ Privacy Card” under the door which says, that if you would like your room to be made, please call our Guest Service Center.

(6) Report Defects:

Report immediately of any maintenance problem is found while cleaning.


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