How to Present Bill to Guests

Why are you serving to guest? For money isn’t it? Where does money come from? Yes, it is the guests who after having food paying their bill and it is the duty of a waiter to collect proper amount of money he charged. If you are a waiter in a busy restaurant then you have to ensure not only proper service to guest but also proper cash handling. There is a high chance of losing money if you are not careful enough. Even nowadays in service industry, many fraud cases have been happening where guest apply different methods to make frauds which by result makes you a victim. So be careful while collecting charged amount from guests.


Art of presenting bill to guests:

There are different policies applied by restaurants owners. Some prefer bills to be taken by waiters and some prefers it should be done by guests themselves, settling in cash desk. Whatever your establishment follows try to be attentive. While you would understand guest will not need any more only then you should take permission from guests to present bill. You may politely ask him this way, “Should I give your bill now, sir. After preparing the bill, present it in a folder by the left side of the guest and stand beside the guest. But your impression should not give such indication that you are willing to get rid of the guest. You should look equally happy when you for the first time greet the guest. After collecting bill you should count it to ensure everything is ok. If guest give any tips, be gentle enough to accept it, whatever the amount is and thanks graciously to guest.

If guest prefers to settle his bill by credit card (American Express, Driver’s Club, VISA, etc) then take guest’s signature in the bill and quickly submit to cashier for immediate action. After settling account, handover the card to guest.

On the Other hand, if guest has to go to cash desk then all you have to do is to ensure correct bill is charged to correct person. You should let cashier know the guest from which table and what amount he has been charged for.

Nice End up:

After settling everything when guest stands up to go at that time help him to pull his chair. Also check the table to ensure guest doesn’t forget to take any of his belongings. At last thank the guest for his coming and invite him to come again. You should end up by saying, “Have a nice day sir” or “See you again”.

If you follow this guideline then you would be able to handle guests properly, meet their expectation and uphold your organization’s image. A good waiter should follow these tips while presenting and collecting bill from guest.


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