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Proper Uniform of a Waiter

Generally, uniform is such a garment product which indicates profession of a professional. For what there are almost universal uniform a doctor, or a police or a pilot wears. Like other profession in service industry, a waiter should wear perfect uniform suitable with his job.

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If you are a waiter then you should have 2 sets of uniform. Generally in restaurant a waiter wear white shirt, black pant, black shoe, black shocks and a tie. It may differ from restaurant to restaurant. Whatever the uniform is it should be clean and fit well. An unfit uniform will looks very unprofessional. So, if you are recruited for the first time then must ensure that the uniform provided by the establishment must fit with your body. Shirt should not be so much attached with the body and pant should not so long. Make changes if it does not fit properly. For a female waiter, the skirt she wears should be in proper size. Neither very big nor very small size skirt is best suitable for restaurant. If the skirt is too small then often she will feel problem to bend.

In service industry, shoes play a significant role, often which is neglected. As you have to move frequently so it should be rubber soles with low heels. Every time you should police your shoes with shiner before start working and if possible between work. A policed shoe give good impression. As you have to stand for a longer period of time so your shoe need to be comfortable to feet on. So, it is advisable to try to wear as much comfortable shoe you can be, whatever the price is.

As a server you should not wear any ornaments or jewelry which does not match with the environment of the working area. A wedding ring, or simple jewelry and watch are generally acceptable in all restaurants and hotels.

We hope this article will help you understand what sort of uniform you should put while working. Keep in mind that first impression is last impression-so you should always look feet and professional in your work area.




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