How to Get our Products without Paypal

    We always encourage our readers to buy our products through paypal. If you buy through paypal you will get download link of our products automatically in your inbox. Although we have such automated system but still we get tons of request from our readers for other option to buy our products. If you don’t have Paypal then we highly recommend you to use Western Union or direct bank deposit.

    Many of you may have heard about globally reputed money Transfer Company, Western Union which can send money from your location to any parts of the world. They are more than 515,000 Western Union agents in over 200 countries and territories.

    As I have to fly frequently for my personal business so it would be quite impossible to receive money in my location and send you my products through email. So, I have decided to give this headache to my technical stuffs. I have some good friends in Bangladesh, a south Asian country, who are maintaining this blog and do all technical stuffs. They will receive money and send you my products through my Gmail account.

    Bank Account Details:

    Full Name: Rifat Rashid Adnan
    Personal Address: Ring Road, Shamoli, Dhaka-1207
    Bank Name: BANK ASIA LTD
    Account Branch: SHYAMALI, Dhaka
    Branch Address: 23/4 Khiljee Road, Block B, Shyamoli, Dhaka
    Branch Zone: Dhaka North
    Account No. : 05534004264
    Routing Number: 070264300


    Country: Bangladesh
    Sending reason: purchase of services

    How to Send through Western Union:

    Step-1: First go to any western union agent. Normally nowadays most of the bank works as its agent.

    Step-2: Tell the bank officer that you want to send money through western union. S/he should give you a form that you need to fill up CAREFULLY. Also learn the procedure to transfer money.

    Step-3: While completing form to send money, you would need following information about my stuff :

    • First Name: Rifat Rashid
    • Last Name: Adnan
    • Country: Bangladesh
    • City: Dhaka

    Step-4: After completing the form and paying cash from agent’s location you will get a 10 digit MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) number. This is the number you have to memorize. This is very very important – don’t dare to lose this number. You have to pay some service charge as well.

    Step-5: After paying and getting MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) please send me an email to with this information:

    • MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) Number
    • Your first and last name, EXACTLY what you wrote in the form
    • Name of your country and city
    • The amount you paid
    • Products you want to purchase

    Step-6: As this is not an automated system like Paypal so you may need to wait for 1 to 5 days after sending me email with that information. Just after receiving your money my stuff will send your desire product to your email address. You can also track your payment status through MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) number from western union’s web site.

    For More information please visit western union’s website from HERE.


    Hotelier Tanji


    1. Hi Tanji,

      I am interested for the soft copy of Hotel Housekeeping tutorials with 150 SOP, At present I am here in saudi arabia, kindly guide me on how I can avail for this one.



    2. dear tanj ,

      I’am very intersting to your prodect , could you inform me how i shoud pay by one year, and to pay with westren union here in morocco it very difficult.
      THank you

    3. Dear Tanji,

      This blog is very constructive and informative. I am planning to strart a hotel training college by next year please advise what package will be suitable for me at this initial stage. Unfortunately, I will need to go through Western Union and indeed I will need to become your frequent or permanent member for it will accommodate my long term need for the training college. Please advice!

    4. Dear Ms.Tanji
      i have found that lesson published in your blog regarding hospitality industry are highly informative and fruitful for hoteliers,continuous education is necessary for being in the field.
      Thanks & Regards
      Vinod Sharma

    5. hi tanji, your free tutorials are very insightful. i am starting a food and beverages services, training and supplies outlet. and will need ur support to enable me do trainings.will the 20 $ hv a enough maerials for the initial take off.

    6. Thank you for your insightful website….. I am in South Africa and am a trainer/lecturer for Hospitality (Food Preparation ) and Hospitality Service. Please I could not access some details because “my facebook” is blocked so send me the Western union details so I can subscribe and on pay for all some materials that I can Use. I am interested in Videos, PPTs Presentations, and any suitable material.

      Pliz help me as soon as you get this. Use my email for ALL response

      Thank you

    7. Does the US$20 cover all of these topics: F & B Service, Front Office, Basic Tutorials, English for Hotel, Terminology, Handling Guest Complain, F & B Production, Safety & Security, Hygene & Sanitation, Dialogue, Other Tutorials, Bonus Tutorials or it’s US$20 for each of these topics. What guarantee do I have that I will be able to download the tutorials after I pay you??? I would appreciate your urgent response.

      • Thanks for your interest. First of all I guess you are asking about 100 tutorials package where 97 tutorials are from this blog with 3 bonus. YES IT COVERS ALL TOPICS (Except some reviews or personal discussions which are not necessary) YOU HAD MENTIONED. Dear, if you buy from online with your credit card then you can easily track through e-junkie and paypal and can report if you don’t get your product after paying. But this bank payment offer is specially for those who can’t afford to pay online. This is not an automated system. You really have to trust and give us at least 3 to 4 days after paying through western union. You also have to ensure that you are tracking through western union and my staff finally collect your money. If he can collect then within few hours he will send you email with a pdf and a doc file containing 100 tutorials. As a customer you have the right to ask me question. So I really appreciate that. But if you really want to track everything and don’t trust then just buy the package online. Paypal and e-junkie will give you all supports then. I hope you get your answer…

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