Dialogue: Couple Comes in Restaurant Without Reservation

Scene: A Young Couple (P) comes to a busy restaurant without reservation. The head waiter (W) greets the guests and request him to wait for sometime and then takes order.

Dialogue: Couple Comes in Restaurant Without Reservation

how to handle guest complaint in hotel restaurantW: Good evening, sir and madam. Welcome to our restaurant. How may i help you, sir?

P: Good evening. Can you arrange a table for two right now?

W: Sir, have you any reservation ?

P: Sorry we don’t. We thought we will get free table but your restaurant is so busy now.

W: It’s Ok sir. But I am sorry to say that the restaurant is full now. (Looking at the restaurant)..Sir, look at that table. I guess it will be free soon. Would you please have a rest in our waiting room for about 10 minutes, sir?

P: Hmm..Ok all right.

W: Well, may I have your name, sir?

P: I am Cristopher Patriks.

W: OK Mr. Patriks, come with me. This way, sir. This is the waiting room. Please take a sit. Here is the tea for you. Please take your time. I’ll call you as soon as the table is free.

P: Thank you.

W: You are welcome.

(After 10 minutes)

Sorry to have kept you waiting, Mr. Patriks. We have managed a table for you now. Come with me. This way, please. Here we are. Will this table be all right?

P: OK. We’ll take it.

W: Sit down please, madam.

P: Thank you.

(Waiter pulls chair of the lady couple comes along with Mr. Patriks)

W: What would you like to have before dinner, sir?

P: What can you suggest?

W: Would you like to have Martini or Whisky or any soft drinks?

P: Two Martinis, please.

W: Yes, Mr. Patriks. Two Martinis. One moment please. Here you are, and please enjoy it. Here’s the menu, I’ll return in a few minutes to take your order.

(After Having Dinner)

P: Here is your tips.

W: Thank you very much sir.

P: Your service is superb. We really love it.

W: It’s my pleasure sir. Please come again. Good night, sir. Good night, madam.


  1. hi, i like your website. it helps me a lot for my training tools, everything is great, but just check the spelling there’s one there:
    ” Please SAKE a sit” instead of TAKE, 🙂 hehehe


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