Must Follow Rules on Guest Floor for Hotel Staffs

To provide the best service and to achieve guest satisfaction, hotels have some common approach. Following rules are some of them. Hotel rules are made to bring discipline in the hotel as well as among the staffs. Disciplined and well mannered staffs are considered as an asset for the hotel authority as they are capable of building trust and contentment in guest mind.

Whenever a guest comes for a booking in the hotel, then the first thing the guest wants to ensure that is security. Thus providing the security is one of the most prime duties of a hotel. The guest floor or guest room must be occupied with privacy and security.

Generally the room attendants or the housekeeping staffs have to enter the guest room for housekeeping purposes so they are usually responsible for ensuring room as well as guest security. As the room attendants are the most frequent persons so they should be trained in providing security and keeping guest trust.

To do so, every hotelier especially who works as a room attendant must follow the guest floor rules in order to ensure safekeeping of the guest floor and the guest room. By following these guests floor rules, the hotel staffs can enhance their hotel reputation along with guest satisfaction which are as follows:

  • rules hotel guest floorWell grooming is the prime rule for any hotel industry which every hotel staff has to maintain. Before getting into the hotel duty, the room attendants must be well uniformed and well groomed as a represent of the hotel image.
  • Every hotel generally contains two types of elevator, service elevator (for the staffs) and guest elevator (for the guests). The hotel staffs should always use the service elevator to enter the guest floor.
  • The floor staffs must restrain themselves from doing any action which can create guest disturbance. For example, unnecessary conversion, running or making noise in the floor.
  • Hotel equipment, trays, trolleys must be kept in the respective area to avoid collision. These materials should not be kept in passage path.
  • Hotels do not permit room attendants to enter all guest rooms. The room attendants are allowed as per duty. To avoid any incident they should not enter those rooms which they are not officially assigned do so.
  • While cleaning the room the room attendants must kept wide open the guest rooms door that it is visible to the housekeeping supervisor. Under supervision the room attendant also become able to get protection from the undesirable guests.
  • During conversation with guests, the room attendants should not enter inside guest room as it can affect in guest privacy. They should continue their conversation standing in the doorway.
  • It is true that room service staffs or people from maintenance department are your colleagues but a room attendant should always accompany them for the fact that any loss of hotel property from an assigned room will make room attendant guilty because he or she is assigned by the hotel authority to look after everything of their assigned rooms.
  • If you find any undesired or suspicious objects like drugs or something illegal must report to floor supervisor who should inform security department to handle the issue. Don’t try to avoid or involved yourself without letting your superior know. Must remember that, nowadays possibility of terror attack is higher than any other time.
  • The floor telephone operator must receive the phone within 3 rings.
  • To greet the guest with smiling face according to the time of the day, is a must rule in the hotel as it is a sign of good manners and cordiality. The floor supervisor or the room attendants must greet the guest according to the time of the day.
  • Guest query must be fulfilled promptly if it is related with hotel service. But hotel staffs should provide accurate information as wrong information may lead guest inconvenience.
  • Hotel security also could be hampered by the guests. If room attendants observe any suspicious movement in guest attitude, they should immediately inform to the housekeeping supervisor.
  • The floor attendants must avoid any sort of argument with guests. Guest is always right. If things go beyond control then inform it to the floor supervisor.
  • Room attendants are strictly prohibited to enter guest room if it shows DND sign which refers that Do-Not-Disturb. Basically when any guest went for sleep or rest then he/she hangs this sign.
  • Though DND sign prohibits the room attendants to enter, but if this sign hangs for long hour then the room attendant should inform it to the supervisor to take any further action. DND sign for a long time may happen due to serious sickness or even sometimes it could be a matter of guest death.
  • Room cleaning should be processed in absence of guest. But if guest returns during room cleaning then room attendant should ask for the continuation of cleaning task.
  • Despite the room is officially vacant, the housekeeping staff should follow the room entry procedure before entering to the guest room. Sometimes guest arrival may be unaware to the staffs due to frequent check in. Therefore the staffs should knock the door first and proclaim “Housekeeping”. If there is no reply, then the room attendants should enter.
  • Before welcoming the guest, make sure that the guest is a residential guest as the residential guests will only have the room key to enter their respective room.
  • Housekeeping staffs are allowed to do their external call only from the floor telephone not from guest room.
  • During cleaning the room, the maid carts should always kept along to the wall that it does not create any hindrance to the movement of guest or other hotel staffs.
  • Though it is not possible for the room attendants to familiarize with every residential guest but this approach sometimes prove very helpful for hotel security purpose.
  • Dirty linen and plunk garbage must be kept away from guest view as it can affect the hotel image.
  • The housekeeping department must place “Wet Floor” sign in those floors which are not carpeted in order to alert the guest.
  • If guest belongings are found after guest departure then the room attendants must immediately inform it to the floor supervisor. The floor supervisor will check whether the guest has checked out or not. If yes then he/ she will go for lost and found procedure.
  • It is advisable that at the end of shifts, every room attendant must return back the master key to the Desk Control Supervisor.

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