How to Handle Guests who Arrive Early and Wait for Room

If you work in front office then many time you will have to handle guests who may arrive before his/her scheduled arrival time and the room is not ready. Today we will present a detail step by step guideline or SOP so that you can easily handle such difficult situation. Please read this step by step guide very carefully, in order to ensure guests are taken care of properly when they have to wait for a room due to high occupancy or non-availability of rooms.

When Guests Arrive Early and Wait for Room

Step-1: In above situation, you must first go through the guest details using the Check in method:

“Good Morning/Good Afternoon/Good Evening,Welcome Mr/Mrs/Miss X!” Check to see is all information already exists, and only after, ask for the necessary documents and items.

“We are holding a reservation for you. May I request you to kindly verify the information we have here? You will be checking out on the 8th of June? May I have your check out time please? I see you have requested a non- smoking king, is that correct? You have booked a “Room Category” room, this would be your Rate (point to the rate, do NOT say it ALOUD).”

Mention the facilities included in the rate if applicable. If breakfast is not included in the rate, ask if s/he would like it included in the rate and add USD 13.5 if so. Make sure changes are made in the system accordingly as well.

Check the billing instructions. If the instructions show that the guest will pay, ask him/her how s/he would like to settle the bill. Click on “Rate Information” in the system. Add $ 120 to the total amount shown on the Rate Information screen and take a pre authorization or deposit accordingly. This amount represents the total room and incidental charges. If the instructions are for bills directly to the company, ensure to attach a copy of the company letter to the Registration Card.

hotel guest arrives early wait front desk

Step-2: The guest must be informed that his/her room is not ready as usual Check In time in 1400hrs.

“Mr/Mrs/Miss X!” unfortunately your room is not ready as of this moment, as our normal Check in time is 1400hrs. However, I will try and ensure to have your room made ready for you as soon as possible. Please make yourself comfortable in the lobby and I will be with you in a moment. May I offer some refreshments for you while you wait?”

If the guest comes after 1400 hrs and we still do not have the room ready, apologize to the guest, ask her/him to wait in the lobby and inform the Supervisor/Duty Manager/FOM. Tell: “Mr/Mrs/Miss X!” unfortunately your room is not ready yet. We are extremely sorry. I assure you, we are putting our best effort to have the room ready for you as soon as possible. In the mean time, may I offer you some tea/coffee or a light snack?”

Step-3: Call Housekeeping and find out how long it will take to have the room be inspected. Come back to the guest and inform him/her: “Mr/Mrs/Miss X!” I have checked and it shall take about “time” to have your room ready. Again I am extremely sorry to have to ask you to wait after your long flight. In the mean time may I offer you a cup of coffee/tea or perhaps some juice?

hotel guest waiting lobbyStep-4: Check back with Housekeeping to see if the room has been made ready. If not, ask them to have it ready as soon as possible, or inform the Duty Manager. Once the room is ready, take the Registration Card and Key Card to the guest. Say “Mr/Mrs/Miss X!” your room is ready. This is your room number. Your room is located on the “X” floor (NEVER SAY OUT ALOUD THE ROOM NUMBER). As you know, you will have to insert this key card in the slot in the elevator to access your floor. Please insert your key card, pull it out and press your floor button.

Tell him/her about the new complimentary shoe shine service: “Mr/Mrs/Miss “X” we are also pleased to inform you of the new complimentary shoe shine service available to you in the Lower Lobby. You are welcome to tip at your own discretion.”

Ask the guest about luggage and introduce him/her to the bell boy: “Mr/Mrs/Miss “X” do you have any luggage? Enjoy your stay with us. Please give me a call if you need any assistance.”

Call the guest room after 10 minutes to ensure everything is okay with the room. “Mr/Mrs/Miss “X” this is “Y” again. I hope you like your room? If there is anything else you require, please do not hesitate to call me. Enjoy your stay.”

Step-5: After the bellboy is introduced, the following scripting should be used: “Welcome back to the Radisson Mr/Mrs/Miss “X”! Allow me to please escort you to your room.” To start the conversation, enquiry about his flight/ if this is his first visit to Dhaka/ his first stay at our Hotel/ talk about the weather. As you get on to the elevator, explain the following I am sure you are well acquainted with the hotel all ready, but let me remind you that due to security purposes your key has been programmed to allow access to our floors. Please insert your key and pull it out of the slot, and press the floor number which you wish to access.”

Then turn the conversation about Hotel. Speak about any of the subjects below depending on the interest shown by the guest.

  • “Near the Lobby you will find the XYZ, our all day dining Restaurant. A buffet breakfast is served there between 0630hrs to 1030hrs every day of the week. It also serves Lunch and Dinner buffets”
  • “On the Ground Level, by the pool is Chit Chat, which serves light snacks and the best pastries in Dhaka, with a beautiful view of our gardens.”
  • “On the 8th Floor, we have a fine dining restaurant, Sublime with the Cigar Bar right next to it. However Sublime is open only in the evenings for dinner service. Sublime serves Mediterranean cuisine with its very own Sublime wine, I would be happy to make a reservation for you if you are interested to try the cuisine and the wine specially created to bring out the flavor of the food.”
  • “Our Spa and Gym are located in the Lower Lobby.”
  • “On the ground level we also have a Blaze Bar (1800hrs-2300hrs) where we have a live band called “Climax” playing and Spice and Rice Restaurant (1830hrs-2300hrs)specializing in Pan Asian cuisine.”
  • “Welcome to your Room, Mr/Mrs/Miss “X”!“Enter the room first and switch on the lights. “Would you like me to familiarize you with your room?”

If yes, Point to the light sensor and inform:

  • “This is a light sensor programmed to switch Off the lights in your room 15 minutes after you leave the room. The lights will also come on as soon as you enter the room”
  • “This is your Tea/Coffee Kettle. House Keeping will replenish the sugar/coffee and these two bottles of Mineral Water every day. Compliments from our hotel.”
  • “Our Mini bar is located right here with a Waiter’s friend for your convenience.”
  • “Your AC controls are located here; your room temperature has been programmed to 22 degrees, fan setting at 3. However you can change the controls and manage the temperature in your room to your comfort level.”
  • “This is a radio alarm clock for your convenience; however our operators will be on standby for your wake up call requests if required.”
  • “For extra lighting in your room and for your reading in bed pleasure, you can navigate these bedside lamps. The light switch is right here (switch on the lights) and the master switch is placed right here.”

Open the curtains, to show the view (if the room commands a good view).

  • “This is your service directory which will give you all the information you require on our hotel and facilities. This is your room service menu. We provide free internet facilities in your room. This cord will be required to connect your laptop to the “plug and play facility”. These points are not however connected to the sensor systems and we request you to switch them off when you leave your room. Your chair can be adjusted like so (show the guest how to do it!)”
  • We have … TV channels for your viewing pleasure; this list has been prepared for easy viewing.”
  • “Inside this wardrobe you will find your bathrobe, slippers, laundry bag, hairdryer and shoe shine.”
  • “The el-safe is right here, would you like me to show you how it is operated?” (If yes, show the guest) “I suggest you place your passport and all your valuables in this safe for safekeeping before you leave your room.”
  • “You will find your iron and iron board placed in this wardrobe.”
  • “This is your spy hole, and the Fire Exit Plan (point), you are right here (point to the room in the map) I request you to make yourself familiar with this plan for your own safety in case of an emergency. We also have a double lock facility (Show how it works). This is to ensure your privacy when you are in the room.”
  1. Depending on the time of Check in offer to order for him/her through Room Service Tea/Coffee or maybe sandwiches if he is checking in late after a late flight.
  2. Or ask if there is anything for pressing that requires urgent attention that you would be happy to assist with.
  3. Or offer to make a booking for him in one of our restaurants or Spa.

“Mr/Mrs/Miss “X”, for any queries, you can dial One Touch Assistance” “My name is “Z” and if you would need anything else you will be able to find me at ext 8116/8117 and I would be happy to be of assistance to you.” “Have a pleasant stay Mr/Mrs/Miss “X”.”

Close the door gently behind you.

Always Remember:

  • Offer refreshments while requesting the guest to wait for a room.
  • Try to enroll in GPP while the guest is waiting for a room.
  • Never wait for a trip.

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