How to Greet & Introduce with Guests

hotel-greeting-guestHotel is such a place where every now and then you have to meet with guests. Meeting with guests is an art which you must have to know. In order to be a good at building personal relationship you should understand some basic rules for greetings and introducing. Here are some Expressions of greetings you could use when you meet with your guests with possible answers which your guest may response or vice versa.

For Meeting

Formal Semi Formal Informal
  • Good Morning > Good Morning
  • Good Afternoon > Good Afternoon
  • Good Evening > Good Evening
  • Hello > Hello
  • How are you? > Fine, Thanks . And you?
  • How is life? > Nice/Nothing Special
  • Hi > Hi
  • What’s up > As always
  • What’s new > Nothing
  • Long time no see > Yeah

Note: Uses of these expressions depend on when and with whom you are using. For example, you cannot say “good evening” in the morning! Again, with a new guest you should not say “Long time no see” or may be even “What’s up”. Also in hotel, you should use only formal expressions , but only in limited cases and with repeated gust you may use semi-formal or even informal expressions. It will depend on situation and depth of relation with the guest. So, think before using any expression.

For Leaving

Formal Semi Formal Informal
  • Good-bye > Good Bye
  • Good day > Good day
  • Bye > Bye
  • Good night > Good night
  • Bye-bye > Bye-bye
  • See you (tomorrow) > See you, bye
  • Take care > Take care

Note: After greeting and talking when you want to leave the guest, these sorts of expressions are used at that time. Again consider the timing and manner type before using these expressions. It is always safe & highly encouraging to use formal expressions in hospitality industry.


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    i am a hotel management student and i wanted the notes shown on this knowledgeable site so can u please help me with this.
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    regards Mohsin

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  4. dear mam,
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  5. Dear Tanji,

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    If possible, I would like to have your guidance to have those topics for my training program.
    With Warmest Regards, Louis

    • Dear Mr. Gopal,

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